Magic Eden Debuts Polygon NFT Launchpad and Marketplace with Gaming Projects

Building on its web3 gaming roadmap, Magic Eden today supports the first Polygon NFT mints in Shatterpoint. Infinite Drive coming to Aston Martin in December, Kakao Games, Taunt Battleworld and Planet Mojo in Q1 2023

San Francisco, December 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Magic Eden (“The Company”), a leading cross-chain NFT platform, announced that it is expanding its Launchpad and Marketplace to support Polygon NFT mining and trading. The news accelerates Magic Eden’s efforts to become the most full-featured multi-chain NFT platform, joining Aston Martin in December with world-class developers such as Shatterpoint and Infinite Drive to launch Taunt Battleworld. Based on our roadmap to bring exciting games to blockchain using. , Planet Mojo and Kakao Games are scheduled for his early 2023.

Since Magic Eden introduced Launchpad in early 2022, it has emerged as a prime destination for NFT drops. 400 sol When ethereum Project to market. For any NFT collection hitting the primary market, Launchpad offers the ultimate in customization, marketing support, and operational execution. Complementing Launchpad is Magic Eden’s secondary market for active NFTs, allowing creators and collectors to access additional liquidity and obtain entries into over 10,000 listed collections. Magic Eden and Polygon integration will enable emerging creators, strategic IPs and game developers to leverage Magic Eden’s cross-chain audiences and products to easily launch and grow their communities .

Today Magic Eden begins rolling out Polygon Launchpad for blockchain gaming projects. shutter pointDeveloped by BlockGames and Estoty, Europe’s leading game studio with over 50 million monthly active players and over 1.5 billion cumulative downloads, Shatterpoint is a free-to-play action role-playing multiplayer for iOS and Android. It’s a mobile game. Following this mint, endless drive Become the second Porygon Mint to reach Magic Eden December 18thInfinite Drive is a mobile-first NFT racing platform and metaverse for car enthusiasts, where players can collect cars from the most popular and prestigious brands such as Aston Martin, Renault and Alpine. Through the Magic Eden Marketplace, players can purchase their own NFT cars and build a one-of-a-kind collection.

Zhuoxun Yin, COO and co-founder of Magic Eden, commented on today’s news: “Drive with Aston Martin will make this integration even more meaningful by reaching more users. Web3 gaming, he predicts, will be a billion-dollar industry. MagicEden but NFT game discovery and trading across the chain.”

In the first quarter of 2023, Magic Eden will release mint from skill-based fighting game, Taunt Battleworld, auto-chess game, Planet Mojo, and projects from BORA by Kakao Games, a leading Korean blockchain game developer. With Polygon, we will continue to build momentum in the game. Recently, Magic Eden also announced the hiring of: Chris Akabanis a gaming industry veteran of the traditional and web3 gaming space, spearheading the growth of Magic Eden’s gaming partnership and supporting the development of advanced game creator and collector experiences.

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