Luck Runs Out for Suspects in Fairfax County 7-Eleven Gaming Machine Thefts – NBC4 Washington

Police have arrested two men suspected of stealing gaming consoles from several 7-Eleven stores in Fairfax County.

A 7-Eleven employee called police and said two men stole the console around 9 p.m. Tuesday and loaded it into a silver truck.

The store was located at 8434 Frye Street in the Mount Vernon neighborhood of Alexandria, according to a statement by Fairfax County Police.

Police searched the area and found a truck matching the description and containing game console parts in the truck bed. Police said the driver and passenger were also dressed in matching surveillance photos of the store.

The driver was identified as Leonard Jones, 59, of Maryland. The passenger is Terrell Hardy, 35, from Maryland.

Police believe the two men are likely involved in stealing gaming consoles from 7-Elevens in McLean, Springfield and Alexandria. The robber was successful in his four thefts and failed in two attempts.

Surveillance video of another theft in Fairfax County showed a masked thief stealing a video game console from a store. stumble upon a bottle of water.

“They came in and escalated to the point where they used crowbars to break the locks and started removing the entire machine,” Fairfax County Police spokesman Ryan Radzyski said.

Once inside the store, the thief forcibly removed the gaming device, opened it, and stole the cash.

Police later took pictures of a game console abandoned in the woods after the money inside was stolen.

“These machines can hold up to $40,000,” says Lazisky.

Radzyski confirmed that some of the money was recovered.

7-Eleven did not respond to News4’s request for comment.

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