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Pocket Gamer Connects London is less than two weeks away. We are very excited to share with you all of the wonderful curated content we have in store.

Pocket Gamer Connects, the leading gaming conference, returns to London from January 23rd to 24th. Welcoming over 2,000 attendees from the gaming industry to The Brewery in central London, networking over 200 of the industry’s top thought leaders from around the world through 31 diverse topic tracks spanning a range of topics. Build, discover, sell, learn. .

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Today we’re digging into a track dedicated to Future Gazing technology. All of these tracks offer unique content and expand your horizons to gaming frontiers using other technologies and media. Games continue to evolve with the advent of new technologies, so as a member of the gaming industry we cannot afford to miss these tracks.

See track details below…

look to the future

The first is the Tech Trendsetters track. What’s next for developers? It’s time to explore the technologies of the future that are shaping the game development environment.

Thanks to our amazing track sponsor Scuti for helping bring this track to life. Scuti is the world’s first rewarded gCommerce marketplace. Scuti allows game makers to optimize every player’s LTV and retain players longer.

Tech Trendsetter: January 23rd

11:30~ The track opens with Scuti’s Don Reilley giving a keynote dedicated to keeping evolving games monetized
11:50~ Next up we chat with Sophie Atkim, Kabam Montreal’s Johan Eile, and Trail’s Willem Demmers about the multi-platform future of mobile gaming.
12:10~ Following our fireside chat, Marian Pekar from Bohemia Interactive will give a seminar on advanced Slack integration in automated build pipelines.
12:30~ The track will conclude with a panel discussion on where technology will lead us next. Starring: Joanna Haslam of Snap Finger Click, Riley Andersen of Umami Games, Stanislaw Fiedor of Fuero Games, Alex Van Hulle of Redlight Finance

Next up is the Esports Enthusiasts track. Here, you’ll gain unparalleled insight into competitive gaming opportunities and the future of the esports gaming market.

Enthusiast Gaming would like to thank our amazing track sponsors for their help in bringing this track to life. Enthusiast Gaming is the world’s largest platform of community for gamers and esports fans.

Esports Enthusiasts: January 24th

14:20~ Kicking off the Esports Enthusiasts track is James Dean of ESL UK and Kuoda Ltd, who will be hosting seminars on AR esports and mainstream competitive play.
14:40~ Following James Dean, MNM Gaming’s Kalvin Chung presents a session on the communication of cultures in esports.
15:00~ To round out the track, we have a star student esports panel on how technology, brands and audiences are changing the face of gaming. Performers: James Dean, James O’Leary of ICO Partners, Lirui Ding of Transcend Fund, Peggy Anne Salz of MobileGroove, Eric Bernofsky of Enthusiast Gaming.

Next is the big screen game truck! Beyond mobile, we cover development and publishing for PC, consoles, XR, cloud gaming, and more.

Big Screen Gaming: January 24th

15:40~ Kicking off Big Screen Gaming is a solo session with Auroch Digital’s Tomas Rawlings on evolving innovation strategies.
16:00~ Then there’s Jan Klose of DECK13 Interactive, with a particular focus on creating PC and console games.
16:20~ Huey Games’ Rob Hewson discusses the challenges of porting games to consoles.
16:40~ The track will conclude with a panel session exploring the innovations that will shape PC and console gaming in the year ahead. The panel will feature Infinity Games’ Christopher Dos Santos, ICO partner Thomas Bidaux, Mobile Game Doctor Tadhg Kelly, Matchmade’s Jiri Kupiainen, The Last Worker’s Jorg Tittel, and Red Nexus games’ Dylan Gedig.

Last but not least is the AI ​​Advances track. Discuss the future of AI creativity.

Ludo.ai would like to thank our amazing track sponsors for their help in bringing this track to life. Ludo AI is your energetic assistant for game research and design.

Advances in AI – Jan 23

10:20~ First, Ludo’s Tom Pigott will deliver a keynote on how generative AI will transform the gaming industry.
10:40~ Next, Kosala Ubayasekara of WRKS Game shares how they used AI tools to triple their marketing spend conversions and reduce their development budget.
11:00~ Finally, there will be a panel looking at how AI will change the process of making and marketing games in 2023 and beyond. Starring: Guy Gadney of Charisma, Imre Jele of Bossa Studios/Atypical Types, Hadar Telem of Huuuge Games, Sebastien Borget of The Sandbox, Tom Pigott

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