Lognmont’s NextLight ranked nation’s ‘best gaming’ internet service provider

NextLight, a community-owned internet service provider from Longmont, once again gained national recognition, this time with the game.

NextLight Executive Director Valerie Dodd said in a news release: “Whether you are working from home or dominating the virtual battlefield, we are proud to provide our community with fast, reliable fiber that meets the needs of all our customers.”

PC Magazine, which ranks based on connection quality, ranked NextLight as “Best in the Country” in its 2023 list of the best gaming ISPs.

NextLight has been ranked as one of the fastest internet service providers in the country since 2018, but this is the first time it has topped the gaming charts.

NextLight added new speed levels up to 10 Gigabit earlier this year, and also offers a WiFi6 hall-home solution that allows in-home wireless devices to capture more of NextLight’s fiber-based speeds.

PC Magazine’s rankings generally score higher for small and municipal providers, including Connexion in Fort Collins.

NextLight made Longmont Colorado’s first “Gigabit City” and continues to be nationally recognized for its speed, affordability and quality.

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