LG Displays adopts its MLA technology to its new gaming monitors

Last month, LG Display announced META technology, a microlens array (MLA) that boosts OLED brightness by about 60% and improves viewing angles by 30%. MLA technology was first adopted in LG’s high-end TV panels.

According to a report from South Korea, LGD sees the growing gaming market as key to its future growth and is currently applying MLA to its gaming monitors.

LGD explains that the microlens array is a layer of micrometer-sized convex lenses that maximizes light emission from the OLED panel, making it 22% more energy efficient compared to the same brightness. For example, LG Display’s 3rd generation 77-inch 4K OLED TV panel based on META technology has a total of 42.4 billion micro-lenses (about 5,117 micro-lenses per pixel), even the light lost due to internal reflection also emits Produces the sharpest and most detailed images.

LG has also developed a proprietary brightness enhancement algorithm (branded as META Booster) that improves both screen brightness and color rendition by analyzing and adjusting the brightness of each scene in real time. Advanced algorithms enhance HDR (High Dynamic Range) for brighter lights and deeper darkness, resulting in more detailed and vibrant images with the most accurate color representation ever.

LGD recently started manufacturing a 27 inch 560×1440 240Hz 0.3ms (GtG) response time OLED monitor panel. The first products to use this panel have already been announced, including LG’s UltraGear 27GR95QE-B and Asus’ ROG Swift PG27AQDM.

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