Lexicon Gaming Announces Acquisition of GameBanshee.com, Leader in RPG Video Game Guides

game banshee logo

game banshee logo

DALLAS, Dec. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lexicon Gaming is pleased to announce the acquisition of GameBanshee, a video game website dedicated to RPGs and featuring an extensive catalog of guides, news and reviews .with full walkthroughs of games like Baldur’s Gate II, Knights of the Old RepublicWhen Witcher III, GameBanshee is one of the best places for RPG fans in need of help. This acquisition perfectly aligns with Lexicon Gaming’s goal of providing game content that puts the player first.

Lexicon’s current non-World of Warcraft gaming site, EIP Gaming, will be integrated into GameBanshee. Popularity of EIPs elder ring, dead by daylight, and other games sections have moved to GameBanshee.com and are being modernized with a new look and improved menu system. All of GameBanshee’s current staff will be retained, and all previously employed by his EIP Gaming will continue their work at GameBanshee’s Lexicon Gaming.

The new and improved GameBanshee.com will launch in 2023, and work is underway to move all existing GameBanshee content to the new site.Future projects will include detailed coverage of both Hogwarts Legacy When Sons of the Forest.

About Lexicon Gaming

Lexicon Gaming provides many tools and sites for the gaming community. Lexicon Gaming is dedicated to creating great content for hardcore gamers, from detailed walkthroughs of EIP Gaming to an extensive catalog of World of Warcraft player tools. With over 2 million monthly users, 12 million monthly pageviews and 95 million monthly ad impressions, Lexicon Gaming continues to grow while maintaining consistently high content standards.

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Daniel Downey

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game banshee logo

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