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Over 120 Pokémon games have been released since the first game was released in 1996. This gives the phrase a whole new meaning. gotta catch them allIf you consider yourself one of Pokémon’s top fans, there’s a lot of fun in looking for more obscure spin-offs. It is included. Here are a few examples that we think are worth reaching a wider audience.

pokemon batrio

Released in Japan in 2007, this stadium-based battle game was Pokémon’s first foray into the arcade world. Pokémon were obtained individually in coins called packs that were physically supplied to cabinets. The game was popular enough in Japan to spawn a sequel, Pokemon Tretta, but neither was released in English.

pokemon go slots

Nintendo has never dabbled in the world of real money games, even in the Pokémon-crazed Australian market. Australian real money online pokey As much as you like, there are no official real money Pokemon slots in any online casino. But where there is a will, there is a way. The developers of makeslots have created all the elements you need to make your very own Pokemon slots game. These include 10 Pokemon reels with his symbols, with Squirtle as the jackpot, at 20x he wins 500x with his line full to Hoppi.

pokemon dash

Pokemon racing game? It sounds great and is sure to be a hit. Unfortunately, the execution did not live up to its promise. The game contained a top-down race between checkpoints, and the controls weren’t intuitive. On top of that, the fact that Pikachu was the only playable character available in single-player mode left players cold. Pokemon Dash disappeared almost as fast as it appeared.

Thieves and 1000 Pokemon

This charming little adventure was released to the Japanese market as a downloadable Nintendo 3DS in 2014. The game was a promotion for the animated film Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction. This is also not well known, although it was released worldwide.

Pokémon: Catch the numbers!

This is a real antique, almost a prequel to Pokemon. Since the 1990s, it has sega pizzaThe graphics consist of somewhat crudely rendered art from the original anime, and the narration features the cast of the original Japanese anime. It consists mainly of a number of games tied to

PokéPark: Fishing Rally

Fishing Rally was released as a demo in 2005 and was only available as a direct download at the Pokemon Theme Park. Still, the download he should have only lasted 12 hours. Mission Impossible. Unless you know how otherwise, it is believed to be lost media!

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