Lenovo unveils AI gaming laptop range with frame rate smarts

Artificial intelligence is becoming a part of our daily lives, and Lenevo will use AI gaming laptop chips in its upcoming portable gaming PC series. The technology aims to use machine learning to intelligently fine-tune performance and carefully monitor real-time benchmarks to manage GPU and CPU efficiency.

Managing efficiency and performance is a technical balancing act, so there’s a lot going on under the hood of today’s best gaming laptops. Harnessing the power of the next-generation Nvidia RTX 4090 mobile GPU gives portable powerhouses an edge in modern gaming, but every scenario is unique in terms of demands and how you play the game. Limited power is available when Go out.

The new gaming laptop features announced at CES include:
It uses machine learning and the company’s Lenovo AI Engine+ to “tune system performance optimally” on the fly. In a way, the AI ​​chip acts as a sort of digital resource manager, monitoring thermals while switching things around to maintain consistent performance.

A new AI chip will enable upcoming next-gen gaming laptops like the Lenovo Legion Pro 7i to take advantage of the 230W TGP, a feat that could blur the line between portable and desktop gaming. Some of the best PC games rely on CPU resources more than others. If the requirements of a particular scenario are minimal, machine learning can technically transfer power to the machine’s graphics card without risk.

According to Lenovo, the above offers “up to 15% higher TDP,” benefiting power-hungry components in the new range. Speaking of which, the tech giant plans to hit the market with a new fleet of gaming laptops in 2023, powered by the Nvidia RTX 4000 mobile GPU and the latest in his Intel and AMD CPUs.

Internals aside, Lenovo’s collection of mighty powerhouses also features a pressure-sensitive Peratech keyboard. Laptops typically can’t trade blows for the best gaming keyboard options for desktop use, but we think this analog solution is a game changer.

Lenovo’s Legion laptop lineup is set to release from March 2023 onwards, with new gaming monitors and pre-built systems coming from April onwards. We would love to try the PC maker’s AI chip. Expect more machine learning shenanigans in this space later this year.

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