League of Legends Prime Gaming January 2023 Capsule Extended

League of Legends and Amazon Prime have teamed up to create a capsule available to all League of Legends players with an Amazon Prime account.

Players can receive rewards through Amazon’s website simply by connecting their League of Legends account to their Amazon Prime account. These capsules will be available monthly and players can receive them at any time during that period.

When is the last day to get the January Prime Gaming Capsule?

The January Prime Gaming Capsule was supposed to be available on December 29th and end on January 27th, but the deadline has been extended to February 16th.

Player reaction to the news has been mixed, as many were excited to get their hands on the February Capsule tomorrow. The extended deadline will give players more time to claim their capsules, but will disappoint those who claim quickly.

Some people have said it may be due to the fact that there are no more capsules after this one, but this has not been confirmed by official sources. However, the Prime Gaming Capsule was a huge success and certainly contributed financially to both Amazon and League of Legends.

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