January sales 2023: best gaming deals and tech offers

The January sale has started. This handy guide will help you find the best gaming deals.

After Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, and dusting off another year, New Year’s Day brings us plenty of new deals. While you’re hunting for canned chocolates and leftovers, why not hop online and peruse the various discounts and offers at January’s sales event.

Whether you’re looking to buy a game to match your new console or have a gift card to buy new gaming accessories and hardware, you’ll find the best retailers to buy here . We have links to all the retailers mentioned to make the transaction quick.

When does the January 2023 Sale Game Deal start?

January sales start January 1, 2023, so you can expect to see a variety of sales by the afternoon of New Year’s Day. The deal could be executed over the next few weeks until the end of the month.

Who will get the best deals in the January 2023 Gaming Sale?

On New Year’s Day, there are many different retailers with great deals. Some retailers sell a wider range of products, while others offer more discounts on specific products, so it’s a good idea to look around and compare.

In the UK, places like Amazon, Currys and Very can be found for discounts on all kinds of tech and gaming products. Whether it’s game consoles, PC accessories, or consumer electronics like washing machines and vacuum cleaners, these giant retailers have got your base covered. If you’re looking for more specific gaming deals, Game is a good place to look for physical copies of the latest games, while PC gamers looking for upgrades can find discounted hardware on his Box, CCL, and Overclockers. Check your clothing.

In the US, Amazon and Best Buy are typically the main venues for games, tech, and electronics. Also, many products are discounted at Walmart and Target. GameStop is always a reliable place to go if you need console games or gaming merchandise, and discounts are available. For those who want a PC deal, Newegg has a huge selection of PC components that are on sale regularly and should be the same for the January sale.

Will there be deals for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch consoles during the January 2023 sale?

Yes! The console currently has both the PS5 and Xbox Series X in stock at multiple UK retailers, so expect to see some deals in January sales. No, but the great value PS5 bundle comes with extra features. Xbox Series S consoles dropped to under £200 before Christmas, so we might see similar deals in January sales. Until (or while supplies last), you can get select free games for under £300. Check out the retailers below to see what other January sale gaming deals await you.

Here are the UK and US retailers that should be heading towards January 2023 sales:



We hope we delivered the gaming accessories and other tech gifts you’ve been waiting for this Christmas. Thank you to all our readers for your patronage in 2022, and to all of our continued followers. jelly dealsEnjoy the rest of your holiday break! On January 3rd, we have an even better sale.

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