Is a gaming laptop a good investment?

Discuss whether a gaming laptop is a good investment, i.e. worth the high price tag

Updated: Dec 19, 2022 12:47 PM

Are gaming laptops a good investment? is a valid question. Gaming laptops don’t come cheap. Packing all the power into a portable chassis while maintaining cooling and voltage to all components, and (ideally) maintaining a semi-decent battery life is a huge technical challenge.

Gaming desktop PCs always offer higher in-game FPS performance per cost than gaming laptops manage, but what you really pay for with gaming laptops is the flexibility that a portable chassis provides. Yes, making it a better multi-purpose device.

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So are gaming laptops worth the money?

A gaming laptop is a good investment if you travel regularly and/or need a mobile office/creative/workstation laptop along with your games. Convenience of installing everything on one machine).

Gaming laptop displays don’t give you the same big-screen immersion as desktop monitors, but you can always get around that by plugging your laptop into a monitor and get the best of both worlds.

Be careful (more on that in our article Are gaming laptops as good as desktop PCs?). The performance of gaming laptops is low and limited compared to those gaming desktops.

Are Gaming Laptops a Good Investment? Final Words

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