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Roblox’s endless jump scripts are made to allow players to jump in the air as long as they want. Simply put, it allows the character to continuously jump in the air without the help of a stable platform. We’ve made sure you want to get this ability, so here’s a list of all the fresh and live Roblox Infinite Jump scripts.

Here are all the active Roblox Infinite Jump scripts you can use right now if you want to jump in the air indefinitely.


  • double jump
  • sound
  • infinite jump
  • triple jump
  • particle
  • fully customizable
  • cool down
  • toggle
  • Anti-cheat support:
    • Spartan
    • AAC4
    • no cheat plus
    • reflection
    • matrix

infinite jump script 2023 script

game: GetService(“UserInputService”).JumpRequest: connect(function()

For InfiniteJumpEnabled

game:GetService“Players”.LocalPlayer.Character:FindFirstChildOfClass ‘Humanoid’:ChangeState(“Jumping”)



Works with most roblox games.

How to script infinite jump in Roblox game?

  • Before running scripts in Roblox games, you should use the trusted Roblox exploit. They include Synapse X, Krnl, Fluxus, and many others.
  • Click through our previous posts on the best Roblox script executors and/or exploits to find out what works.
  • Just launch Roblox after installation and launch your favorite game and downloaded exploit. Then copy and paste one of the infinite jump scripts mentioned above into the executor box.
  • Once done,[実行],[アタッチ/挿入]Click to display the scripting GUI. Go ahead and enable Leap Hack now.


  • /ijump: show plugin version and author
  • /ijump reload (permission: infinitejump.reload): reload configuration
  • /ijump toggle [on|off] [player] (permission: infinitejump.use): Toggles between multiple jumps. You can also toggle other players with the permission infinitejump.toggle.others)

(You can use /infinitejump instead of /ijump)

How to download Phantom Force?

  • Select Download from the menu.
  • Then allow notifications.
  • Once the website loads,[ターゲットに進む]Choose.
  • After closing the ad, please click the download button again.


If you want to win the game, use the provided Roblox script. This will allow you to easily defeat your enemies. If you’re not a premium gamer, use all the free cheats and hacks available.

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