How to View Stories on Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

Don’t know how Snapchat works? Here’s everything you need to know about Snapchat. Yes, that’s right, you can view stories without knowing them. There is no doubt that Snapchat has enjoyed success over the last few years. One of the best features Snapchat has to offer is the ability to post Stories, without knowing it and saving them.

Seeing Snapchat Stories is such a great feeling. But if you want to see someone’s Snapchat story without them knowing. When you post a photo on Snapchat, it stays there for at least 24 hours, letting you know how many people have seen your story. Some people don’t want to be on the viewer list. In that case, you should know the trick.

What are Snapchat Stories?

A Snapchat story is a video of your uploaded photos that you can post 24 hours a day to help friends and people stay connected with you. These people you add as friends on Snapchat can see your stories. You can see a list of people who have viewed your story. They use viewing options to make sure you’re watching your story. Similarly, you can also view stories from your friends’ posts in the field. We’ll walk you through a few steps to help you view your story, but this time your friends don’t know you, so let’s do that.

See someone’s Snapchat story


Here’s how to view someone’s story anonymously:

Step 1: Download the app on your mobile.

Step 2: Log in with your username and password.

Step 3: Now tap on the Snapchat story icon in the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Open the story page, refresh the screen and wait. It is important not to open the story up to now. so that others are notified.

Step 5: After all stories are uploaded, close the app and turn off mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Step 6: You can also put your phone into airplane mode.

Step 7: Restart the app on your phone and tap the Story icon.

Step 8: You will see previously loaded stories of the person you want.

Step 9: Now you can watch someone else’s story without knowing it. Make sure your mobile data or Wi-Fi is turned off while viewing stories.

Step 10: You’re done! Now you can exit the app and turn on mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Is there another way to watch Snapchat Stories without them knowing?

Yes, there are third party applications that help you spy on other people’s stories without them knowing. These apps are untrusted, but can be used in safe mode. Spyzie is one of the top rated apps, developed for anonymous spying on Snapchat stories.

You can also check other third party apps such as SpyFone, mSpy, FlexiSpy. These apps help you check a person’s girlfriend’s Snapchat story without them knowing.

Another alternative way to spy on someone else’s Snapchat stories without them knowing is to use a second Snapchat account. The second account will help you access the first account. Please note the following:

  • Don’t add any identifiable information, such as names or photos. Since this is a new account, make sure all details are different from your first account.
  • People who want to see your story need to accept you as a friend. If you can convince them, this method will be a bonanza for you.
  • Make the second account more trustworthy. This will prevent you from blocking yourself easily.

How to take a screenshot of someone without them knowing?

You can also take a screenshot if you want to save the person’s story. Follow the above process carefully and follow all points. Screenshots are part of your mobile settings and will not be communicated to other users.


The above methods are useful for Snapchat users who want to spy on others. This method is very easy and quick. Just follow the process step by step.

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