How to turn your Tesla into a $100,000 gaming computer

Now that Tesla has launched Steam on the Model S and Model X, there’s a way to make an electric car your main gaming computer. It’s a $100,000+ gaming computer.

The latest Model S and Model X features a new entertainment computer with features similar to the latest generation of gaming consoles and gaming computers.

It will be the new computer that the automaker sees as becoming more and more important in cars as self-driving technology emerges, enabling Tesla’s video game ambitions.

In the meantime, Tesla is developing a new video game app that allows owners to play in their cars while parked or on the screens in the backseat of the Model S and Model X.

But now that Tesla has launched a Steam Beta on its vehicles, it’s even unlocked the ability to turn your Tesla Model S or Model X into your home gaming computer or console.

A Tesla owner on Reddit indicated that Tesla’s native Steam app can be linked to an Apple TV via the Steam Link app. This means you can play games running on your Tesla gaming computer on any screen you have an Apple TV in your home.

Despite being a fairly expensive gaming computer, the Tesla can basically become your main gaming computer at home.

You will need to download the Steam Link app to your device.

For Apple devices such as Macbooks and Apple TVs, the company describes the app as follows:

“The Steam Link app lets you play Steam games on any computer. Pair your MFI or Steam controller to your Mac, connect it to a computer running Steam on the same local network, and use your existing Steam Just start playing the game.”

Simply connect your Tesla and the device you want to stream Steam games to on the same Wi-Fi network, and connect your controller to that device.

As long as your car is within range, you can power your games in your home and enjoy games from your Steam library.

Electrek take

It’s pretty cool that this works in the first place, but it’s clearly not an ideal game setup.

If you can afford a $100,000+ car, and you’re a gamer, you might think you could build a more efficient game setup yourself. i know i will.

Still, it’s amazing what you can do if you want to.

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