How To Get a Time Cube In Raise a Floppa?

The Time Cube is a cube that is white yet illuminates a subtle shade of blue. Can be used to purchase either Time Machine or Mysterious Orb in The Interwebs, both of which unlock endings. However, be careful to disable autosave and save before making a purchase. Rejoin after receiving the ending to apply to other endings. Otherwise, you’ll have to replay the entire game. Raising Floppa closer to God with Raise a Floppa has several possible consequences. To get two of these endings, the Eternity ending and the Home ending, you need to find the Time Cube.

The Mysterious Orb and Time Machine can only be obtained using Time Cubes, a very expensive item in the game. Purchasing an altar from a virtual computer and maxing out your faith will give you a Time Cube. Learn where to find the Time Cube in this guide Raise a Floppa.

How to get Timecube on Raise A Floppa

There are currently two ways to get the Time Cube: Backrooms and OG Floppa:

back room

Escape the back room without losing a single life and you’ll be rewarded with a Time Cube. This is probably the easiest way to get the time cube. It’s difficult to escape without dying, but it’s pretty simple and quick.

If you’re curious, I’ll leave you with some basic signs that you can escape.

  • To get outside, the player must obtain a key.
  • So make a flopper between the ages of 5 and 7 to get the key.
  • Then the door swings open and closed.
  • A bright orange box will appear.
  • The key is inside the orange box.

AND Flop

Talking to OF Floppa, reaching 100% Trust (Altar), climbing OG Floppa, and defeating its Obie will reward you with a Time Cube. This alternative approach is by no means impractical. But there is no doubt that this one is longer and more difficult than the previous one. Choose the time cube acquisition method that appeals to you the most, or try both and see which you prefer. However, if you want our advice, we think the first approach to escape without dying is easier.

How do I get the altar in Raise a Floppa?

In addition to buying NPCs like Bigfoot Jinx, which drops bones that Chop eats, you can also buy more specialized collectibles for Floppa. Altars can be purchased from the virtual store on the in-game computer. Players can pass money to the altar. Altar Faith increases by 4% for each successful contribution. The altar costs $500 and can be purchased from the in-game virtual computer store.

How to increase faith with Raise a Floppa?

Each successful donation to the altar increases its faith by 4%. A sufficient donation amount is required to ensure a successful donation. Donate as much as you can to the altar to increase your faith as quickly as possible. In total, it would cost him $16,000,000 to reach 100% faith at the altar. Upon reaching maximum Faith, Floppa grows wings and raises Hunger Level to 200. At the altar, you’ll also see the option to ascend and get Time Her Cube.

Raise Floppa: How to get Time Cube?

After reaching the highest level of Faith, when approaching the altar, you can choose to ascend or not. To talk to Elder Floppa, click Ascend and it will take you to the White Hall. They speak briefly before opening the door to the vault where the Time Cube is located.


The Time Cube is housed behind a series of red-painted kill bricks. To get the Time Cube you have to jump safely and avoid these red lines. After that, you need to carefully return to the entrance. The Elder Floppa teleports you home at that point. Time Cube is now yours.

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