How to fly in dying light guide?

Dying Light is an open-world action-survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the ability to traverse cities using parkour and other locomotion abilities. Players can climb buildings, jump from rooftop to rooftop, and run along walls. However, one of the most useful movement abilities is the ability to fly using the game’s grappling hook. This article provides a guide on how to fly in Dying Light, including how to use the grappling hook, tips for mastering the technique, and limitations on abilities.

Using a grappling hook

The Grappling Hook is a gadget that players can obtain early in the game. Players can quickly climb high places, swing through gaps, and fly through the air. To use the grappling hook, the player must first equip it from their inventory. Next, you must aim at a suitable target, such as a building or crane, and press the designated button (usually the bumper on the right side of the console) to fire the hook. Once the hook has successfully hooked onto the target, the player can press the jump button to launch towards the hook’s location.

fly with a grappling hook

To fly using the grappling hook, the player must use a combination of jumping and grappling. First, the player has to jump from high places such as rooftops and cranes. Next, you’ll need to aim your grappling hook at a distant target, such as another building or power line. If the hook is caught on a target, the player can jump and immediately grappling fires his hook again, aiming at another target at a distance. By repeating this process, players gain momentum to fly through the air, cover long distances, and reach areas otherwise inaccessible.

Avoiding obstacles in flight

During flight, the player must be aware of obstacles that can impede progress. Keeping an eye on the terrain ahead and aiming for targets with a clear path is essential. Players should also avoid aiming at targets that are too close. This can lead to collisions with buildings and other structures.

Players must be ready to turn quickly to avoid obstacles. By firing a grappling hook at a target in a different direction, players can quickly change course and avoid obstacles in their path.

Tips for mastering flight techniques

Flying in Dying Light takes some practice and skill, but with a few hints players will pick up the technique quickly. First, grappling him it is imperative to find a suitable target to hook. Buildings, cranes, and power lines are all good targets, but players should also look for other structures, such as radio towers and large billboards. These structures provide long-range targets and allow players to build more momentum.

Second, players should try to maintain momentum while flying. This can be achieved by firing the grappling his hook at the right time when the player is at the peak of the jump. Additionally, players can aim higher targets, gaining more altitude and speed.

Finally, players should be aware of grappling hook limitations. The hook has a limited range, so players must choose their targets carefully. Additionally, hooks can only be attached to certain types of surfaces, such as concrete or metal. Players should not aim at surfaces such as trees or wooden poles as hooks cannot be attached.


Flying with a dying light using a grappling hook is an exhilarating experience. Players can explore the city in unique ways and reach otherwise inaccessible areas. With a little practice and a few tips, players can quickly master the art of flying and become an expert at crossing cities. However, players should also be aware of grappling hook limitations, such as range limitations and mounting surface limitations. With these factors in mind, players can safely and efficiently fly around a post-apocalyptic world.

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