How to Arlo Cliff counters weaknesses?

Games are a favorite pastime for many and provide hours of entertainment and excitement. With the rise of mobile games, more and more people are entering the gaming world. They are immersed in different game genres and platforms. Mobile Legends Bang Bang is one of the most popular mobile he games with millions of players worldwide. The game has different heroes with unique abilities and allows the player to develop his own strategy and dominate the battle.

This article focuses on Arlo, one of the most popular heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. We will discuss his weaknesses and how to effectively counter them. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting started with Mobile His Legends, this article provides valuable insight into how to master this mighty hero and dominate combat.

Arlo’s strengths

Before discussing Arlo’s weaknesses, it’s important to highlight Arlo’s strengths. Arlo is a tank hero with a high health pool, making him a valuable weapon in team battles. He has excellent cloud control his skills, such as an initial skill that can stun enemies, and an ultimate that can knock enemies up. Arlo’s second skill allows him to heal himself and his allies, making him a valuable support his hero in battle.

Understanding Arlo’s Weaknesses

Arlo’s strength lies in his crowd control skills and ability to sustain damage. However, the Arlo’s main weakness is its lack of mobility. Because he doesn’t have dash or blink skills, he’s an easy target for mobile heroes like Gusion, Lancelot, and Hayabusa. have to wait.

Another Arlo weakness is its vulnerability to burst damage. Since he is a tank hero, his health pool is relatively high.However, Burst like Granger, Serena, Fanny etc. If he faces high damage heroes, he can take them down quickly. Arlo’s second skill helps him sustain damage, but has a long cooldown and can be interrupted by Cloud Control his skills.

Counter Arlo’s Weaknesses

Take advantage of Arlo’s lack of mobility

One of the best ways to counter Arlo is to take advantage of Arlo’s lack of mobility. Mobile His heroes such as Gusion, Lancelot, and Hayabusa can easily dash or blink behind Arlo to attack from behind. To counter this, position yourself in a safe and quick retreat. You should also use your first skill to stun the enemy and create a distance between them.

Use your crowd control skill

Another way to counter Arlo is to use the Crowd Control skill to prevent Arlo from using your skill. Heroes like Chou, Aurora, or Kaja can stun or knock Arlo up, interrupting his skills and leaving him vulnerable to attacks. Be aware of the enemy team’s crowd control skills and avoid getting caught.

Take advantage of Arlo’s long cooldown

Arlo’s skills have a long cooldown, so you can take advantage of this by attacking him while his skills are on cooldown. Heroes with high burst damage such as Granger, Serena, and Fanny can quickly take down Arlo when their skills are unavailable. .

Use heroes with high sustained damage

Heroes with high sustained damage like Alucard, Argus, and Alpha will outlast Arlo in combat. These heroes can inflict great damage on Arlo while healing themselves, making it difficult for Arlo to defeat them. Be careful when facing high damage over time heroes and avoid fighting alone.

Arlo’s Role in Gaming

Arlo is a tank hero. So his primary role is to absorb damage and protect his allies in battle. He’s not a hero that does a lot of damage, but a hero that can create attacking opportunities for his teammates. In team battles, Arlo must position himself in front of his allies and use his skills to stun or knock up enemies, allowing them to attack.


Arlo is a mighty hero in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, but like all heroes he has his weaknesses. Arlo’s lack of mobility and Burst his vulnerability to damage make Arlo an easy target for mobile his heroes and burst his high damage heroes. However, Cloud can effectively counter Arlo by using his control his skills, taking advantage of Arlo’s long cooldown, and using heroes with high sustained damage. With the right strategy and skill, Arlo can become a formidable hero in any battle.

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