How long will a gaming laptop last?

Learn about the lifespan of a typical gaming laptop and how to extend the life of your gaming laptop.

Updated: Dec 21, 2022 7:17 PM

if you want to know What is the lifespan of a gaming laptop? Read on as a web traveler to learn how to extend the life of your laptop. There is no direct answer to this question.

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Lifespan of a typical gaming laptop and what can reduce it

A typical gaming laptop lifespan is said to be 4-7 years, which is clearly a pretty long lifespan. However, if the gaming laptop he’s only been around for four years, he’s entitled to be upset.

Cheaper, lower-priced gaming laptops with lower build quality are usually expected to last longer than premium high-end machines, but it really depends on how the particular model of laptop is manufactured. High run-time temperatures (especially internal temperatures), efficiency of cooling systems, and quality of all internal components (especially batteries). It’s very difficult to say how long a laptop will last unless it’s an older model that consumers have been using for a few years already. treat as best as you can.

The biggest factor (besides dropping or dropping things) that shortens the life of a gaming laptop is the thermal wear and tear effect of the internal components (primarily the CPU and GPU) over time and especially the battery. is. Sometimes they swell and swell, or more commonly they can’t hold a full charge and the laptop turns off if unplugged for even a second.

Even if you can turn on your laptop and play games, after a few years your performance may degrade as your processor and graphics card degrade (this also happens on desktop PCs).

How to make your gaming laptop last longer

  • Use more conservative power modes when possible. Most modern gaming laptops have onboard software that allows you to switch between different power presets. This allocates varying amounts of power to improve CPU and GPU performance, but with higher power consumption and heat output. While it’s tempting to leave the maximum performance mode alone (which often means a warmer laptop and louder fans), this puts a lot of strain on the internal components of a gaming laptop. , will degrade faster. Consider turning off these presets if all you do is general web browsing or light gaming.
  • Enable settings that extend battery life (if available): This currently only exists on a few gaming laptops like the XMG Neo 15 series, but some gaming laptops have an option in the internal software that instead of extending the battery life, reduce the battery life. It can reduce charging speed and charging capacity. Batteries are usually the first thing you use, so this is highly recommended.
  • Shut down your laptop when you’re not using it. One simple way to reduce stress on internal components and drain your battery is to avoid leaving your laptop on when you’re not using it.
  • Use a laptop cooling pad or laptop stand. Especially if you have an expensive gaming laptop, investing in a laptop cooling pad is a worthwhile investment to improve the internal cooling of your machine, reducing thermal throttling of CPU and GPU performance. and can even improve in-game performance. Alternatively, you can purchase a laptop stand.

What is the lifespan of a gaming laptop?The last word

I hope you found this simple guide helpful. What is the lifespan of a gaming laptop? Be sure to check out our various best gaming laptop guides in various price ranges in the mega menu at the top of this page. Also, check out our Gaming Laptop FAQ page for more general information.

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