Herman Miller X Logitech G Vantum Gaming Chair Review

Gaming chairs are usually big, bulky, and sometimes flashy. It’s often not the best chair to sit in for hours during a big game or streaming session. You can get high quality chairs.

Herman Miller is a brand associated not only with comfort, but also with high cost. His Vantum chair from Herman Miller, his second Logitech G partnership, aims to provide the comfort the brand is known for, but isn’t as expensive as other chairs in the lineup. But how does Vantum actually stack up?


  • Height (inches): 44.25
  • Minimum height (inches): 40.25
  • Width (inches): 30.5
  • Depth (inch): 29
  • Weight (lbs): 36.8
  • Seat height minimum (inches): 18
  • Seat Width (inch): 20
  • Seat Depth (inch): 17.5
  • Load capacity (lbs): 350
  • Maximum seat height (inches): 22
  • Proprietary elastomer and polyester suspension backrest
  • The polyurethane foam headrests and seat cushions are covered with 100% post-consumer recycled polyester fabric.
  • Glass-filled nylon frame and base
  • Flexible Polyurethane Integral Skin Foam Arm Pads
  • Warranty: 12 years
  • Price: $795 on Herman Miller website

first thought

When I get a piece of furniture or a chair, I hate putting it together. So when Herman Miller’s box of his Vantams showed up on my doorstep, I was incredibly happy. Unlike other Herman Miller chairs, which are easy to pull out of the box, the Vantum was made up of his three parts: the body, wheelbase and headrest. Assembly was literally as easy as 1, 2, 3.

At first glance, the Herman Miller X Logitech G Vantam doesn’t scream “gamer aesthetic,” but that’s a good thing. For someone like me who loves the gamer aesthetic in other items such as graphics cards, my office prefers understated form and function over flashy colors and discomfort. Thankfully, the Vantum itself is pretty understated in its game-like look. From the looks of it, it doesn’t look like a “gamer” chair.

The Vantum comes in three color schemes: an all-black chair, a black-and-white body, and a black-and-red body configuration. It also comes with Herman Miller’s 12-year warranty standard, but the price is higher than other gaming chairs at $795 for him.


Since reviewing the Autonomous AI Ergo Chair 2 in 2020, I’ve been using an office-style chair for over two years. However, it was very troublesome to adjust. However, Vantum captures the best of what I love about his Ergo Chair 2. Great lumbar support, a breathable mesh chair body, adjustable armrests and more.

The Herman Miller X Logitech G Vantum takes design cues from more expensive products with a support plate behind the body of the chair. One for lumbar support and one for upper back. The bottom one is fully adjustable thanks to wheels on the rear on both sides. This means you can easily adjust the lumbar support whether you are left or right handed.

The upper thoracic support plate is not adjustable, but only provides support while sitting in the Vantum chair. One thing to note about the Vantum is its alignment. This is a chair designed to force you to sit up straight. This means you’re forcing yourself upright and forward in a position that’s supposed to help your back.This is a long-standing chair where traditional racing gaming chairs with lumbar pillows and pads don’t give you the support you need. Especially true for hours gaming and streaming hours.

As a result, the Herman Miller X Logitech G Vantum can take some getting used to. This applies to me as well, having transitioned from another ergonomic chair like the Ergo Chair 2 to the Vantam. However, I slouch less and have noticed less pain in my back, even after hours of working and playing games in this chair.

Adjustments to the rest of the chair, from how much you can lean back to the tension of that recline, are made with two simple wheels on each side. We love the fact that these wheels click into place with every adjustment. This means you’ll always know where you’re adjusting your chair, even if you can’t see what you’re doing. The Vantum doesn’t have a 180-degree recline feature, but it reclines to a nice enough angle for when you’re watching YouTube or when you want to recline your Acer Predator 43-inch display while he’s playing an MMO. .

It also rises to a considerable height, much higher than my Ergo Chair 2, which has been a major problem throughout the life of that chair. You can easily adjust everything to where your arms are resting at a 90 degree angle instead of feeling like you have to stretch out.

Speaking of arms, my only real complaint is the Herman Miller X Logitech G Vantam armrest. I appreciate the amount of armrest movement. The armrests can be moved up and down, forward and backward, and even side to side, but I noticed that Ergo his chair’s 4D rest was missing. This meant that using the Vantum forced me to put my arm in a much different position than I was used to while typing.

The headrest is comfortable and I like that it doesn’t move while in use. The adjustable rest itself tilts when you put it on your back, but it gives you a very good idea of ​​the chair’s posture when you’re sitting on the headrest. .

But is it worth it?

Herman Miller chairs don’t come cheap. As a premium product, you get what you pay for.It’s been three weeks with the Herman Miller Vantum and he’s been 3 weeks and I can honestly say I’m never going back. This is a very comfortable chair, whether you’re writing articles all day or just slaying monsters with your latest article. FF14 Mission execution. I ended up gifting my favorite chair, the Ergo Chair 2, to my fiancée forever.

But $795 is a lot of money, no matter how you stack your chairs and how good they are. Whether it’s worth it depends on a few factors for me. As far as I’m concerned, it’s worth the sticker price for several reasons.

First of all, they are comfortable to wear and do not feel like they will wear out quickly. Other chairs I own were comfortable at first but wear out easily with use. Herman Miller brands are known not only for the comfort of their products, but also for their durability. Herman Miller guarantees this chair for 12 years, which is a very long time for furniture. The glazed nylon frame is a turn-off for those looking for something metallic, but it screams premium.

Second, it’s easy to use. It’s easy to assemble and you don’t have to go through the complicated and confusing steps of an ergo chair to fully understand how to adjust your chair. Just turn a few knobs and you’re good to go. This makes everyday chair use much easier than the high-end chairs on the market, which I am very grateful for.

Finally, my back feels better. This is the first chair in quite some time that I have sat for long periods of time and have had lower back pain. After spending time in the Vantum chair, my posture has improved in other chairs as I have learned to sit upright naturally. With an admission fee, you realize that there are limits to what a chiropractor can do in each session, especially as you get older and less painful.

As it stands, I feel that Herman Miller’s Vantum chair is worth everything, even if it costs more. Comfortable for short sprints or long marathon gaming sessions, it’s extremely easy to adjust for the perfect balance of lean, recline, and support. is.

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