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World of Warcraft is a game that has been around for almost 20 years and remains at the top of MMORPGs. Ratings go up and down with each addon, but the game is gaining more and more fans.

This is a fairly complex game, so not all players can easily play it at a good level right away. WoW has difficult bosses with a lot of rather difficult quests without the most obvious mechanics. The task has become much easier, since every player can do it. buy wow boostThis is a service by professional gamers who quickly complete missions and difficult dungeons to collect the coolest rewards, items and more.

The guide for warriors with the “weapon” specialization relates to the version of the game Dragonflight 10.0.2. In it, we will discuss the basics of the warrior game and useful add-ons.

general information

Players who get the most out of it without add-ons often find it difficult to master the interface required to complete raids and mythic dungeons.To prevent this, start using add-ons when pumping recommend to. You can find a list of current add-ons in this article.

A Brief Guide to Warrior ‘Weapon’ Dragon Flight

This section is for players who don’t know anything about classes or the game in general, don’t claim to have mastered Mythic Raids, and don’t want to dive into the complexities of specializations. After learning the section, you can start playing without delay and with minimal losses.

Weapon Specialization Basics

Arms Warrior deals damage with direct attacks and bleeding. His rotation isn’t particularly difficult, with talents adding attacks or modifying existing abilities. This build offers a simple yet effective playstyle suitable for all types of content, allowing novice players to learn the basic mechanics of weapon specializations.

add on

Elv UI

ElvUI fits all characters without exception. World of Warcraft: Dragon FlightWe completely change the components of the standard interface: ability panel, cooldown timer, effect icons, etc.

Boss Fight Addon: Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs

Boss fight add-on warns players of potentially harmful abilities and displays tactical tips in real time. In our opinion, you should install one of these addons. Deadly Boss Mods are more popular among gamers, but you might prefer Big Wigs.


GTFO is a simple addon that warns the player of threats (such as puddles underfoot). It becomes much more convenient when used together with the add-ons from the previous paragraph. It has several advantages.

weak aura

An addon for displaying visual elements on the screen is called WeakAuras (helpful for checking buffs, debuffs, and cooldowns). It makes it much easier to participate in battles in the game and makes combat operations more effective in World of Warcraft. It can also be used in non-combat.

mythical dungeon

The first season of Dragonflight Mythic Dungeons changed the list of available dungeons. Contains dungeons from previous expansions. The first season also introduced a radically new modifier.

Unique challenges in mythical dungeons

Mythic Keystone Dungeons are high-level PvE content comparable to Mythic Raids.

Warrior now deals more AoE damage than ever due to lower opportunity cost of talent picking. However, there is no universal build yet, so the warrior must always choose damage his profile (single target or his AoE).

In Mythic Dungeons, fighters mostly need AoE damage, which can be addressed with rotation. Damage is generally highly dependent on mechanics and knowledge of the dungeon. This allows you to apply cooldowns in time or, conversely, keep them. For example, it’s not a good idea to use cooldowns if your target or pack dies quickly. We recommend waiting a few seconds before changing to a “new” pack.

Choosing Mythic Dungeon Accessories

You can choose accessories with cooldowns that match those of powerful AoE abilities, or accessories for single-target fights that work well with bosses. In the second case his Patchwerk parameters were selected for the simulation and in the second case he selected DungeonSlice. Our observations are that accessories with bonuses to traits that work randomly give the best results in simulations in World of Warcraft.

Additional Information

Since almost all of the weapon’s abilities interact, it can be difficult for WoW newcomers to determine the order in which they are used.

Try to stay close to your target

This tip is useful for the majority of classes, but it’s especially important for Warriors, as auto-attacks not only deal damage, but also generate rage. , so there is no danger of the supply overflowing. However, it is recommended to use the fast travel feature to minimize time away from the target. If the boss casts a spell that requires the player to run in a certain direction, you can attack him until the end, quickly move away from him with Heroic Leap, and dash back when the threat is gone.

Downtime is allowed with weapon rotation, but no downtime is allowed during Colossus Smash. Otherwise, the damage will be greatly reduced. If Colossus Slam doesn’t work for you, skip the global cooldown and build Mortal Strike’s Fury to heal deep wounds.

check your anger level

Arms Var generates Rage more slowly than other Warrior specializations, but some effects (such as Bladestorm and Deadly Calm) make this process unpredictable. Try not to overfill your anger pool and overuse it. Always allow a small amount of time to cast critical abilities and refresh the effects, especially if you’re using Skull Cleaver right before or after Bladestorm.

Of course, you won’t be able to take advantage of the boost service and play like a professional gamer right away, but with hard work and dedication you can succeed in this difficult game. World of Warcraft is loved for its complexity. Highly rated on Metacritic.

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