Good times keep rolling with Platypus Gaming

For Juneau resident Alex Valentine, Platypus Gaming events come with a charismatic buff.

“I’m a regular at these things. It’s always a lot of fun,” said Valentine. It’s like rehearsing for.It’s like going back to elementary school.”

The Juneau Public Library hosted a two-day Platypus Gaming mini-con over the weekend from 1-3pm, Saturday at the Douglas Public Library and Sunday at the Mendenhall Library. Admission was free and participants were given the opportunity to win prizes and giveaways that consisted of additional board games. These were all his 5+ ratings.

Eric Moots and Jacob Bubb carefully strategize the SHŌBU game at the Douglas Public Library on Saturday as part of Platypus Gaming’s two-day mini-convention. (Johnson Kuhn / Juno Empire)

Josh Warren, a lifelong Juneau resident and president of Platypus Gaming, said the organization was launched almost nine years ago as a way to bring to Juneau the experience of similar gaming competitions found in the southern US 48.

“We knew it wasn’t very affordable for everyone to go to the South, so we wanted to offer a more local experience and reflect that here in Juneau,” said Warren. “We try to have competitions every year, but COVID kicked us out of one of them.”

Warren said Platypus Gaming typically hosts its biggest event, the convention, in late January each year, but due to renovations at the group’s regular venue, Centennial Hall, this year’s convention will be held from September 8-10. It will be held at Platypus Gaming on . For more information about the September convention or upcoming library events, please visit or the group’s website at

Additionally, Warren said he’s trying to maintain a quarterly schedule with smaller gaming events at the Juneau Public Library, offering more options and a slightly less intense version of the convention.

“Normally, in January we start at 6:00 pm and run until 2:00 am, then we have a similar schedule for the next few days, so the hours are longer,” says Warren. “This weekend is going to be a regular weekend every year, so we wanted to mark it in some way, so we decided to have a library game day for the entire weekend.”

Juneau residents will choose from a variety of games found here on Saturday at Platypus Gaming's mini-convention weekend at the Juneau Public Library.  (Johnson Kuhn / Juno Empire)

Juneau residents will choose from a variety of games to watch here Saturday at the Platypus Gaming mini-convention at the Juneau Public Library over the weekend. (Johnson Kuhn / Juno Empire)

Margaret Lyudke, program and marketing coordinator for Juneau Public Libraries, said the library has hosted game days with Platypus Gaming for some time, but this was the last time the library hosted a game group about three or four times ago. I said it was my first time. whole weekend. Luedke went on to say that he sees Game Day as a great way to welcome back-in-the-library programming and hopes it’s a tradition that can continue.

“We were happy to open up to them,” said Lyudke. “They are great partners to work with and we are all happy to be here. It is fun to have people in the library and do in-person programming again. , it feels like we’re still moving things forward.It’s been a slow return to pre-pandemic programming and doing things like weekend-wide events feels like we’re getting closer .

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