Golden Lance for Game of the Year

This. The final awards also honor games that demonstrate the highest level of quality, production value, artistic vision, sound, gameplay design, and more. It’s not a matter of bigger is better, but which games speak to us on a deeper level. This award is about games that have moved the genre forward or moved players in many ways. With that in mind, here are the winners of this year’s Game of the Year Golden Lance Awards.

winner: elder ring

release of elder ring It was a pivotal moment in the video game industry. Once a frenetic, niche genre, FromSoftware broke through its typical audience barriers and reached mass adoption as the game sold over 17 million copies across all platforms. elder ring It was a major gaming zeitgeist from February to April.

It was a heavy hitter level phenomenon such as. skyrim When T.The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild I just couldn’t achieve it. This game has brought many new players to the soul-like formula. But it did so in a conformable way that still feels true to the challenging and fair formula it’s known for.

no doubt elder ring It’s a crescendo from Software, built from over a decade of accumulated experience in developing formulas. This game is truly a culmination and feels like it’s elevated the game in every way. From combat, diversity building, art direction, world design, and everything in between. elder ring It will continue to resonate with gamers in the future. It’s a foundational title that has been meticulously replicated by other titles and sets the standard for future games. And there is no better flattery than imitation.

Runner-up: God of War Ragnarok

god of war

Based on the newly discovered myth of Kratos and Atreus, War God Ragnarok Playfully weaving together Norse mythology’s most famous family dichotomy and drama, it delivered an engaging and nuanced coming-of-age story coupled with highly rewarding gameplay and an unparalleled sense of power. With a captivating performance and excellent art direction by , the game’s cinematic story is honored by Bear McCreary’s astonishing score, making players feel as if they could once again smother a dragon.

By tweaking 2018’s impressive combat system while adding more room for experimentation and execution, Ragnarok’s gameplay remains responsive, satisfying and rewarding. By endgame, ripping your enemies apart with ruthless efficiency feels like a gain.

Ragnarok offers outstanding quality in every area.Whether you’re a Norse newbie or an Aesir scholar, the story is

The theme is universal, the gameplay is visceral, and the experience is GOTY’s worthy winner.

second place: Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Best game I’ve played all year. The open world design god of warTerrain, voice acting and animation make elder ring Feels like a previous generation game. I love what guerrilla games have brought back to America. This year, nothing beats a re-enactment of post-apocalyptic Las Vegas and San Francisco. Loved seeing the Hoover Dam, Big Sur and the Vegas Strip.

I appreciate the challenge and design, elder ring, Horizon Forbidden West There are 23 different options for customizing gameplay.can tune horizon play like elder ring Still optional if you want elder ring is incredibly limited. I can honestly say there will be 5 or 10 GOTY-worthy games by the end of 2022, Horizon Forbidden West is the most modern.

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