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“A good resume should reflect who you are, not just a list of things you’ve done.” – Susan Adams. Writing a good resume is more of an art than a craft. It takes professionalism and dedication to highlight a candidate’s personality while adhering to strict professional rules.

Still, a professionally written resume pays off dramatically. Job seekers with professionally written resumes get more attention from recruiters and are generally more successful in the job search.

At the same time, many freelance writers and services produce low-quality resumes at low prices or in a short amount of time. I fail.

This article explains the difference between a low quality resume and a high quality resume and why you should always use a professional resume writer.

How Skillhub Creates a Qualitative Resume

Skillhub is a professional resume writing service that always creates a professional resume.skill hub resume writing services kansas city Includes:

  • Good ATS optimization.
  • Tailored for a specific role.
  • Highlights of relevant experiences.

Skillhub experts will create a custom resume for you. They combine specific job requirements with client wishes. Besides, the resume writing professional’s general writing and formatting is higher than her one for freelancers. A professional certificate guarantees a writer’s competence.

Why Unqualified Writers Write Low-Quality Resumes

There is no malice in a low-quality resume. Each resume writer strives to create the highest quality products. However, there are several objective reasons why unqualified writers produce low-quality resumes.

lack of experience

A resume is a common document that each person can create individually. Freelancers offer resume writing services based on common experience. Still, the low proficiency makes for an average resume in the best-case scenario.

Inexperienced resume writers tend to make common mistakes and poorly formatted resumes. This approach does not impress employers.

Lack of industry-specific knowledge

Freelance resume writers often lack specific knowledge about specific industries. As a result, an unprofessional resume cannot compete with a professionally written document.

Absence of authentication

While not always the case, many freelance writers don’t have the professional qualifications to write a resume. A CPRW or NRWA certification proves that a writer knows how to handle customer requests. Lack of such accreditation means unintended and usually incompetent consequences.

accountant resume

Megan has worked as an accountant for the past four years and has decided it’s time for a career change. She updated her resume and sent to several job openings, but never got a call back.

Desperate for a job, Megan looked for a freelance resume writer. She found some freelancers to update her resume for free. Excited to save her money, she sent them her resume and waited for the results.

Unfortunately, the updated resume didn’t look professional and didn’t highlight her skills and experience. She realized she needed a certified resume maker to stand out.

She stumbled upon Skillhub and read the profiles of certified resume writers. After selecting one, they created a customized resume highlighting her unique skills and her experience.Megan was so impressed with her final product that she sent her to several job openings. I was.

Within a week, she received a call from a well-known accounting firm. Megan passed the interview and was offered her job on the spot, she was thrilled to accept the position and begin her new career journey. Megan has learned the hard way that unqualified writers produce low-quality resumes.

The Importance of Applying for Resume Writer Certification

Applying for a certified resume writer is very important if a job seeker wants to make a great first impression on potential employers. Certification is obtained by meeting strict requirements such as:

  • Passed the comprehensive exam.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with industry standards.
  • We have a proven track record of creating quality resumes.

A certified resume maker has the expertise to help job seekers showcase their accomplishments in a compelling way. Using a certified resume writer ensures that your resume is polished for your specific position.

A certified resume writer stays on top of the latest trends. They are well versed in resume writing best practices to ensure their clients’ resumes are competitive. Overall, using a certified resume writer is an investment in your career. It can lead to more job opportunities and higher salaries.

The last word

Your resume determines your job search success. Resume quality is what makes the difference between acceptance and rejection. Many job seekers try to save time. They apply to non-professional resume writers because they want a good resume at a low price. A freelance resume writer is not a good resume writer for a number of reasons.

  • Inexperienced.
  • Lack of knowledge about specific industries.
  • Absence of certificate.

Skillhub and Resume Builder Zetti We feature a wide range of resume writing professionals. They meet the demands of every career field.


1. What are some common mistakes unqualified writers make when writing resumes?

Unqualified writers may use outdated or irrelevant information. They may not be emphasizing the skills and experience essential to the job. Finally, you may lack the knowledge and expertise required to create a standout and compelling resume.

2. Why is it important to choose a certified resume writer?

Certified resume writers undergo training and certification programs to develop resume writing skills. They are ready to better understand the key elements of resume building, such as:

  • industry trends.
  • job requirements.
  • Employer expectations.

They can tailor your resume accordingly and help you get the job you want.

3. How can I be sure my resume writer is qualified and certified?

Look for certifications from accredited organizations such as:

  • Professional Association of Resume Makers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC).
  • National Resume Writers Association (NRWA).

You can also ask about their training, experience, and success rate with previous clients. Choosing a resume writer with the expertise and knowledge to help you reach your career goals is essential.

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