Gaming the H-1B Visa

What if I am the CEO of a foreign company and want to get 3,000 H-1B visas per year?

The problem I face is that I have to submit almost 10,000 visa petitions to the annual lottery to get the desired number of visas. To do that, we need to have a huge pool of visa-ready workers on standby ready to come to the United States if the petition is chosen.

There is a simpler solution to this problem than gathering large numbers of workers ready to come to the United States just in case. All parts of it have been tried before. This system just puts them all together.

For my system to work, I have to operate from a country where I can get personal fraudulent documents. We know such countries exist.

I pour money into influential US politicians to deflect potential investigations. Direct campaign contributions from outside the United States are illegal. Unobtrusive donations defeat the purpose here and are unnecessary. Powerful politicians tend to have their own charities in the form of foundations and university research centers. You can openly donate to political charities to buy influence.

Also donate to a local Tier 4 university to get them involved.

Next, estimate the approximate number of visa petitions that will be required for the desired number to be selected by lottery, and prepare those petitions. This step takes advantage of the fact that the petition for nonimmigrant workers (Form I-129) has no identifying information about the worker other than name and date of birth if the worker is not already in the United States. .

We will have an internal department to process visa requests. This department makes available real worker visa petitions, creates fake IDs and fraudulent petitions, and produces as many petitions as I estimate I will need to submit. To do.

I submit petitions to the H-1B Lottery with premium processing. This effectively ensures that all petitions selected for processing are rubber stamped without scrutiny.

Once the H-1B lottery is complete, match the petitions with actual workers. If John Doe’s petition is adopted, it will be a success. If his petition was not elected, but the fraudulent John Bull petition was, John Doe would simply become John Bull. You just need to bribe the right people in your local government to get fake passports and marriage certificates. not You just need to get your age and the documents you submitted with your petition.

All of the things outlined here have been successful before, and H-1B fraud is on a large scale.

If you haven’t done so already, combine pieces to make it bigger and better.

USCIS rejects less than 3% of petitions, but more than 13% of approved petitions are fraudulent, so the odds of avoiding them are pretty high.

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