Gaming firms tie up with influencers for engagement on web3

An Indian gaming company is working with influencers to try to drive adoption of web3 games in the country. Web3 gaming refers to blockchain-based Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, where gamers receive tokens for participating or winning. In-game items in such games are also purchased and traded as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

For example, Gurugram-based gaming company Trinity Gaming on Wednesday announced a partnership with UAE’s EmChain to “facilitate $10 million worth of business” in India’s web3 and blockchain-based gaming sector. Both companies will provide training, mentorship and revenue streams. To the creators of this space.

Shivam Rao, co-founder and chief operating officer of Trinity Gaming, said his company is in talks with web3 game developers and publishers in the battle royale and casual game genres to help launch new games. I said yes. Everdome-The Metaverse Real Estate is he one of the web3 platforms affiliated with them.

The $10 million in funding will be provided by a range of international web3 game developers and publishers looking to enter the Indian market.

“We will help them get their games up and running in India. This $10 million pool will be distributed to community enablers such as esports athletes, tournament operators and content creators. We know what kind of content we need to create to produce,” Rao said. Trinity is not alone. A local division of the Tezos blockchain platform that develops tools and services for creators and developers. As part of the partnership, when a new game launches, IndiGG will purchase its NFTs and lease them to the community of gamers. and encourage them to play. Play games to earn rewards.

The company also collaborates with eSports company House of Gaming to host both online and offline gaming tournaments on web3 games.

“We need influencers for web3 games because of the lack of awareness. Unless someone plays the game, we don’t know how the game works and how much they make. With Web2 games people play for fun. But in Web3 games you play for something,” said Priya Ratnam, Founder and CMO of Avisa Ventures.

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