Gaming enthusiasts flock to Taipei show

The Taipei Game Show opened yesterday, with over 1,000 booths by 275 vendors from 25 countries attracting a large number of game enthusiasts, and Asian game companies expressed their willingness to partner with their Taiwanese counterparts.

Gamers, cosplayers and businessmen from the gaming industry participated in various activities at 1,150 booths to showcase new gaming products such as games, consoles, gaming peripherals and esports equipment.

One of the major sections of the annual game show is the B2B Zone, where companies from countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines aim to form partnerships with Taiwanese companies and clients.

Photo: CNA

The B2B zone includes game publishers, payment service providers, sound production service providers, cloud integration providers and other companies across the game industry chain.

Aleson Buenavista, studio manager at Definite Studios, a Filipino art, animation, and game development company, said he wants to connect with a Taiwanese company that can provide game localization and collaborate on art and animation.

According to Buena Vista, Definite Studios is currently working with a Taiwanese company on five projects.

Photo: CNA

“I really enjoy talking with the Taiwanese people. [Taiwan] It’s very close to the Philippines, so if you travel and need to check in with a client, it’s very easy to travel because you’re only an hour and a half away from the Philippines,” Buena Vista said. .

Another company, Ranida Games, is also promoting one of its action-fighting games, Vita Fighters, in the B2B zone and is looking to find a partner to localize the game for the Taiwanese market.

Taiwan has a very good fighting game community and has great fighting game players. We want to localize this in Traditional Chinese to easily attract more players,” said Walter Manalo, the company’s head of business development.

The game has been downloaded about 200,000 times on mobile phone platforms in the Philippines and 800,000 times worldwide, Manalo said, adding that his company is looking for companies that can publish the game on consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. I added that there are

Other games featured in the show include major names such as the new action role-playing game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and the role-playing adventure Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key.

The game show runs through Sunday in Hall 1 of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.

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