Games have no prejudice; Gaming cos. shouldn’t either

Women fighting every odd to survive in a male-dominated career is an age-old story. Examples abound, and the gaming industry is a prime example.

According to the recent Global Gaming Gender Balance Scorecard published by 20-first, women only make up 16% of the gaming industry executive team. However, according to several industry reports and analysis, over 40% of gamers worldwide are female.

This paradox highlights how the global gaming industry has not kept up with the changing profile of gamers. An undervaluation of this magnitude probably costs the industry billions of dollars each year. The money left on the table may not stand out in light of the tremendous growth numbers the game is registering.

However, research shows that gaming companies that adopt a few best practices can significantly improve the representation of women in their games, giving the industry an edge.

Strive for Balance in Leadership Roles

Perhaps the most important step in bridging the gender gap is getting women into leadership roles in gaming organizations where they can serve as role models for young women.

Comprehensive recruitment process across levels

According to the HP India Gaming Landscape Report, 84% of women see the gaming industry as a viable career option. Clearly, women have an affinity for gaming roles. So the solution may lie in organizations adopting more inclusive practices when closing candidates.

Anonymization of resumes during manager review is one such practice. There is often an unconscious bias during initial shortlisting that anonymous applicants need to eradicate almost entirely. Likewise, diversifying the interview panel so that the final decision on the applicant is a blend of views from a heterogeneous group can reduce the chances of missing out on a good candidate.

Education and policy strengthening

Senior managers could have years of experience in specific roles working only around a homogeneous group of individuals. This can lead to candidates being unexpectedly pushed aside unlike candidates they have worked with before.

flexible working arrangements

Working from home has been the norm for the majority of the last two years. With most offices reopening, it makes sense for companies to consider convenient working arrangements, especially for pregnant and young mothers. This feeling that one’s work is valued during what would otherwise be a difficult time can go a long way in helping companies gain trust and improve retention rates for all women, not just the direct beneficiaries of flexibility. increase.

road ahead

India ranked 135th in the 2022 Global Gender Gap Report released by the World Economic Forum. This is second only to Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Gaming is one of the few industries with roughly the same number of female consumers. Gamers are the most diverse group on the internet. They cross languages, identities, geographical boundaries, and backgrounds. So it’s no surprise that gaming companies are leading the way in creating a diverse workforce, paving the way for other industries to follow. Not only does it symbolize the dent the next industry is making in the new India, but it’s also good for business.

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