Fragging, Pwning, And Other Words Gamers Never Hear Online Anymore

Brb, just fragmenting and pwning some noobs with this shlooter makes me afk.

If you’ve been playing the game for a while, there may be words or terms you’ve heard before, or perhaps used regularly, that you’ve lost your way. Something you probably haven’t thought about for a while has fallen out of favor without you realizing it. came.

Started by a user called Nintendo’s Uncle on ResetEra, they kicked things off by pointing out that they’ve never heard the word flagging used when it comes to games. It was the word shouted by people who had just picked up the game, but quite a few respondents chose flagging as the forgotten game word.

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Probably the most popular answer for uncles on Nintendo questions is pwn. It’s definitely not a word that comes up regularly. It definitely sounds like an uncle at a family gathering trying to get along with his niece and nephew when he’s handed a Joy-Con for the first time. You can’t say pwn without saying noobs right after.

resetera's discussion of forgotten video game terminology
Via ResetEra

Also regularly used by people who seem to pwned newbies regularly is woot and some answers question whether people still use the acronym ftw in the video game space. It is also questioned whether the term free man was ever widely used. Some argued that when Ryan Reynolds’ movie Free Guy hit theaters, it was what people called extra his life in an era when almost all video games were played in arcades.

Shlooter also gets a lot of mentions in threads. This is a word that deserves to be left in the gaming past. A quick Google reveals that it means exactly what I expected, but removing the er from the end of the word makes it very different. Never do your own research. If you ignore that advice, whatever you do, don’t click the image.

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