Electronic Gaming Monthly is the latest casualty in games media shutdown

It’s the end of an era when Electronic Gaming Monthly shut down for good.

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Remember video game magazines? Thanks to news blogs and social media microblasts being much cheaper to deliver, they started on the dinosaur trail, but at the time these magazines were just a way to get new information about the game. was the main method. Electronic Gaming Monthly was a godsend for geeks like me growing up in the 90’s.

Unfortunately, EGM has closed. The news was confirmed by former EGM associate his editor Michael Goloff: twitter: “On Monday, I received word that EGM NOW has closed, which means I have been laid off.The past five years have been a roller coaster ride of the best and worst moments of my career. , my editors, Josh Harmon and Mollie Patterson, are constant experts through it all.”

The magazine part of the press has long since disappeared. A few years ago, Electronic Gaming Monthly rebranded to his EGM NOW and changed its moniker to “Enjoy Games More.” EGM NOW he has gone 100% electronic and the paper magazine has been closed for a while.

“Just as much of the world has moved away from print media, EGM is now online only.” read the website.

EGM NOW’s closure is the latest in a series of gaming media closures and layoffs.we saw Giant Bomb and Gamespot lay off workersand the Washington Post just Shut down the entire Launcher newsroom It focused on the gaming market, including critique and investigative journalism.

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