Elder Scrolls Online returns to Xbox Cloud Gaming via Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can once again travel to Tamriel in ZeniMax for The Elder Scrolls Online via Xbox Cloud Gaming on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, mobile, and PC.

With many players traveling on vacation and visiting family, ZeniMax has re-added The Elder Scrolls Online to Xbox Cloud Gaming. You can now play one of his best Xbox MMO games through the cloud on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, mobile and PC. Perfect for earning The Elder Scrolls Online achievements on the go.

Unlock The Elder Scrolls Online Achievements Via The Cloud

ZeniMax “temporarily” removed The Elder Scrolls Online from its Xbox cloud gaming library in February, so the team could fix frequent disconnections that plagued the player experience when playing via the cloud. I was able to. The developer said it could take months to bring the game back into service, so its long absence wasn’t all that surprising.

As long as you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, your games are back on the service and can be played on many devices. Are you planning to return to Tamriel via Xbox Cloud Gaming? Let us know below!

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