Don’t Miss Your Chance to Get the Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse for $89.99

Logitech’s professional-grade wireless gaming mouse, the G Pro, is now available on Amazon for 31% off for a limited time.

Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G Pro is a gaming mouse designed for professional gamers and aspiring gamers. The mouse was designed with the help of pro gamers who inspired the ultra-lightweight design. The mouse comes with a professional grade wireless connection with low latency and reliable connection. The Hero 25K sensor can be updated with G Hub software, offering up to 25,600 DPI out of the package. This mouse is one of his lightest wireless gaming mice weighing only 80 grams.

Now for a limited time, Amazon offers the popular Logitech G Pro high-end gaming mouse at the equivalent price of $40. The price is only $89.99. A lightweight gaming mouse designed for competitive play with a regular listing price of $129.99 on Amazon. Those looking to upgrade their mouse should consider this deal for 31% off one of the most popular wireless gaming mice.

Logitech is a computer peripheral manufacturer founded in the early 80’s. For decades we have created some of the most iconic audio, input and interface devices for the PC and were one of the first companies to design peripherals specifically for the gaming community. Logitech’s G Pro series is designed for the most demanding gamers, pros and esports athletes.

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This deal is for the Logitech G Pro Mouse, a high-performance wireless mouse designed with the help of professional esports gamers. It features an ultralight endoskeleton design with a thin yet durable and stiff shell weighing only 80 grams. The G Pro also has Lightspeed wireless connectivity with low latency, 1ms response speed, and a stable and reliable connection.

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The mouse’s sensor is Logitech’s Hero 25K sensor, which supports up to 25,600 DPI and is 10x more power efficient than the previous generation. Accuracy is over 400 IPS with zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration. Mouse and sensor can be easily upgraded with G Hub software. The mouse comes with programmable buttons, removable side buttons, a durable main button, and is rated for 50 million clicks. The deal allows him to buy a Logitech G Pro gaming mouse for $89.99.

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