Domonkas Library starts monthly gathering for tabletop gaming – Morning Journal

Inspired by Dungeons & Dragons inspired by Netflix’s Stranger Things, Lorain’s Domonkas Library has launched a tabletop monthly series on Saturday. Dungeon Ongoing events are scheduled for the first Saturday of every month, according to his master Beth Collins.

Collins helped organize numerous activities at the Domoncus branch and pursued a tabletop gaming group as a passion project for the library. She said the Netflix hit helped move the event forward and garnered some interest in the group.

“We decided to do a tabletop game for Stranger Things, and it turns out that the downtown Lorraine Library on 6th Avenue also has a tabletop game,” she said. “As far as I play, this is my first game.”

Collins said he got a lot of his tabletop gaming cues from his older sister, who was already into role-playing games. Now Collins hopes to bring her family’s game night incident to Lorraine’s public.

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