Do gaming chairs rock? Well, it depends what you mean

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Updated: Jan 16, 2023 9:44 AM

Do gaming chairs wobble? Well, assuming you’re talking about the chair tilting back and forth and not the mean guitar solo, the answer is yes.

“Normal” might be a bit of an overstatement, as cheap gaming chairs don’t always have this feature, commonly referred to as “tilt.”

It’s a bit confusing as many people confuse the terms “tilt” and “recline”. Generally speaking, both mean the same thing, but many consumers are disappointed when they receive their new gaming chair and it doesn’t come with the features they expected.

So do gaming chairs shake? yes. But let me explain in more detail so that you can better understand the difference here.

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Do Gaming Chairs Shake? The Difference Between Tilt and Recline

When it comes to gaming chairs, it turns out that the rocking feature you’re after is actually known as tilt.

If you’ve ever bought a gaming chair or any other chair, you may be used to the disappointment when you find that the backrest can be reclined but the entire chair doesn’t rock.

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Here is the difference between tilt and recline. If the chair can rock the seat back and forth, you can only recline if you can tilt the chair and the back moves without the seat moving.

Another way to check is to look under the chair. If you see a thick, stocky, slightly phallic hump, your chair may be tilted. Tilt tension adjustment knob. Turning it in one direction will make the chair lean more easily, and turning it in the opposite direction will tighten it up.

If you can afford it, be sure to get a chair with a tilt feature. Being able to rock the entire chair back makes an amazing difference. While you can fall asleep simply by reclining the back, tilting the entire chair is a much better way to relax.

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