Did You Know Gaming Wins Appeal After Heroes of Hyrule Video Takedown

After all the unwanted attention from Nintendo, we have some good news to share on our YouTube channel Did You Know Gaming.

YouTube channel Did You Know Gaming Nintendo of America I saw one of that videos was deleted. The Did You Know Gaming channel boasts over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and is famous for analyzing all aspects of popular video games. Videos often take a historical approach with the aim of informing and entertaining the viewer. Nintendo’s copyright claims often go far beyond what fans consider reasonable and have proven divisive.

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Nintendo protects its IP so fiercely that the company’s regular piracy has reached enviable meme status, so it hits Did You Know Gaming for piracy in a video about ‘Lost’ Of course I did. zelda The game Retro Studios pitched in the late stages of development Metroid Prime 2. Although Nintendo eventually let go of the game, the 22-page document outlining Retro’s vision for the game hero of hyrule Nonetheless, it fell into the hands of Did You Know Gaming, prompting the creation of a video that resulted in Nintendo piracy.

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Instead of silently accepting the copyright strike, Did You Know Gaming appealed YouTube’s decision to drop the copyright strike. hero of hyrule Three weeks later, Did You Know Gaming backed up the video via Twitter, calling on fans to let fans know what they thought of their heavy-handed approach to a game that failed to sell nearly two decades ago. YouTube said it had confirmed the action was initiated by Nintendo.

Nintendo’s properties and characters are the lifeblood of the company – without them, or without the company’s strict curation of how they are treated, the company as we know it today wouldn’t exist. Despite being consistently underpowered when compared to Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, it’s well established that Nintendo produces some of the healthiest games. It’s a fact.

Nintendo is unlikely to relax its stance on how its traits are used and portrayed in creative contexts – a famous example being AM2R, fan made remake Metroid II: Return of Samus. before being dropped AM2R Nominated for Game Awards in 2016, along with another popular fan game, Pokemon uranium. use Nintendo As such, IP may pose a problem, but reporting on a game that never saw the light of day in a historical context seems like something else altogether.

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