Dead Space’s Guidance System is Still One of the Best in Gaming

Motive’s Dead Space remake further highlights how well the original guidance system is implemented in both linear and non-linear environments.

Dead Space inspired by both Resident Evil When silent hill, but there are also plenty of elements that set it apart from other survival horror franchises.Many of the mechanisms Dead Space It hasn’t been used in the game since. Dead Space‘s highly iconic limb amputation mechanic.this is probably Dead Space While forming a specific setting and tone, it can be difficult to meaningfully replicate these mechanics in another place or genre.

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Dead Space True to the sci-fi survival horror genre, it uses striking chimes and digital roars in its sound design. Save stations and stores are found frequently, the depth of weapon diversity is immense, and its level design is very specific as to how players move through Ishimura. Dead Space‘s fragmented map is also arguably unnecessary, but not just because players have relatively straight and simple paths. can.

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Dead Space’s guidance system is perfect for linear levels


Dead Space‘s guidance system is a useful navigation tool. Pressing a mapped input causes Isaac to stick out his palm and trigger a blue light that will pass in front of him toward the player’s destination. If the road to the destination is behind him, the camera will rotate to point the player in that direction.

Players can activate this guidance system at any time. Dead Space, It’s a really helpful aid. This light guides the player, so looking at the map is basically pointless unless you want to see a rough blueprint of the area you’re in. But the true function of the guidance system occurs when the player reaches a clear fork in the path.

A recurring annoyance in many games is that the player is not shown a path leading to a cutscene that cannot be skipped, and the player may leave the area. Players must choose a path and hope that it will lead to an optional resource to choose from.You can’t accidentally go into story progression Dead Space Use that guidance system wisely. A player pings his guidance her system and makes sure it is pointing in a particular direction, then before deciding to move on, he pings all areas except that one path. can be searched.

Ishimura is one interconnected level within EA Motive’s Dead Space


of Dead Space The remake reinterprets many areas players remember from the original. Some areas are completely different, but they provide the same standard linearity in design. The entire Ishimura ship, on the other hand, works similarly to EA Motive’s Metroidvania levels. Dead Spacethe player can return to previously visited areas and access pre-locked optional rewards.

This creates a non-linear feel to the game when returning to previous areas, allowing players to explore freely even when there are few meaningful reasons to explore. It’s far more non-linear than this could have ruined the feel of the original game, and it’s really rewarding for players to be able to search and return to areas if they so desire.

As for side quests, the player can follow these with a guidance system and see yellow lights instead of blue. , the guidance system is all Dead Space Players must work their way through Ishimura with relative confidence.

Dead Space Available now on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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