Davos 2023: Venly CEO Tim Dierckxsens Talks Gaming, E-Commerce, Regulating Custody Solutions

of world economic forumThe WEF, often referred to as the WEF, is a Switzerland-based international organization that engages leaders in fields such as finance and government to shape policy and tackle tough problems to improve the state of the world. I’m in.

The WEF’s 2023 Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, took place just last week, with a focus on fragmentation and multipolarization following the COVID-19 pandemic.Attendees included actors, producers, directors, and musicians Idris ElbaPresident of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenskaamong many others.

Benzinga attended this year’s Annual Meeting and interviewed business and government leaders.the next interview Tim DiaksenCo-founder and CEO Venry.

Please note that the text below has been lightly edited for clarity and brevity.

BZ: Nice to meet you! Would you like to start with an introduction?

Dierckxsens: We started by building an app on blockchain and making the technology applicable to traditional business use cases. That is why wallet solutions were our starting point and we chose gaming as our focus from a regulatory perspective and from the knowledge that gaming was one of the first industries to move towards mass adoption. 3D, AR, and VR all come from games.

We have landed several large game studios. sandbox It is valued at billions in market capitalization. We have also worked on NFT tools and built strategic relationships with various blockchains.

What do you pay most attention to in your daily life?

Create a team and clarify your vision. In 18 months, we have grown to about 60 people. You have to make sure you put them in the right place so that you can reach your goals. Doing all these different things at the same time is not easy.

Are you satisfied with your current position on the roadmap?

yes. The next thing we want to do is add a mobile strategy. And we’ll focus on the regulatory part during the unprotected versus protected battle.

Any challenges or concerns?

Regulatory uncertainty is a big one. We also provide custody solutions, so we have to be regulated, but they treat us like a bank, so we have very strict oversight and due diligence.

We do custody, but we do not touch consumer funds in our wealth infrastructure, so our solution is different.

We need to remind regulators of these differences.

Discuss some case studies or use cases.

If you look at the games market, it’s one segment. We are seeing companies move from free-to-play games to play-to-earn games that no longer monetize to consumers.

Consumers are stakeholders who are authorized to own digital assets. They bring economy to the consumer both in and out of the game. We provide the infrastructure that makes it possible.

On the ecommerce side, we are integrated into Shopify Inc. shopand it’s not just about brands and IP, it’s about having loyalty and connecting it to the different communities and partnerships that we have.

Describe your excitement about the future.

We achieved initial product market fit with our API-based solution. But in the last year, we’ve ventured into Web 2.0 platforms, game engines like Unity, and even things like Shopify. We aim to achieve product-market fit with these platforms. We think of ourselves as a basic middleware solution. We are the go-to technology provider to enable enterprises to create these types of use cases. Applications can be connected to the blockchain infrastructure and become the middle layer between communications there.

Photo: Courtesy of Ben Lee

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