Cute Gaming Loungewear Features Sanrio’s Kuromi and My Melody

Relax with your favorite video game When Favorite Sanrio character!

R4G (Ready 4 Geeks) and Sanrio’s collaboration room wear “Gaming Series” features adorable rivals Kuromi and My Melody playing games.

New art designed for the line features My Melody spending peaceful time under the watchful eye of My Sweet Piano, and Kuromi in full streamer mode with Baku-printed pajamas and a nearby Baku plush toy. is.

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The apparel line includes gaming sweatpants in gray (for My Melody) or black (for Kuromi). Sweat pants are 9,350 yen.

Or, if you’re looking for something even more comfortable, there are hooded costumes for each character (priced at ¥14,300 each).

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Pre-orders have started at shelter webstore Until then February 15th.

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