Customizable gaming headset with 7.1 sound

The new gaming headset from Teufel’s audio experts is very colorful. Unveiled at the end of November 2022, Zola relies on a highly customizable design and is extremely colorful.but our Review of Teufel Zola shows that the headset also knows how to convince in terms of sound.

technical data

design over-ear
driver 40 mm
Frequency range (headphones) 10 to 20,000Hz
connectivity 3.5mm jack; USB-A
Type of microphone Omnidirectional, with noise reduction
Frequency range (microphone) 100-16,000Hz
weight 330g
compatibility PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, smartphone, tablet
special features Removable design element. 7.1 sound via USB sound card
price €129.99 *

Teufel Zola review: delivery scope and design

  • simple and chic design
  • Unique customization options

The most striking feature of the new Teufel Zola gaming headset is undoubtedly its colorful and even more customizable design. With this, the headset itself comes in his two base colors of light gray and dark gray. Special Features: Ear pads, mic pop protection, and outer caps on the ear cups are available in a variety of colors.

Whether it’s the same color as your headset, or bright reds, yellows, purple-blues, or bright greens and turquoises, you can create exciting color contrasts.

The colored parts can be replaced in just a few steps and the corresponding mod kits can be purchased separately. However, at €24.99 for the set of earpads and microphone protector and €19.99 for the individual covers, it’s not a bargain.

The replaceable parts are included in the scope of delivery separately and must be installed first when using the Teufel Zola. The scope of delivery is rounded out by a detachable microphone, a 3.5 mm jack cable with in-line remote control and a USB sound card responsible for 7.1 surround sound.

The design is relatively simple and reduces what you need. Teufel relies on a robust, high-quality metal frame and generous oval ear pads. There are no controls on the headset itself, and RGB lighting is consistently omitted.

Deduction for workmanship

  • Relatively rickety
  • quite vulnerable

The build quality of the headset is fine, but I myself have seen much cheaper headsets that leave the impression of higher quality. .

Additionally, the metal headband initially leaves an unsightly crack in the casing after unpacking when adjusting for proper size. The connecting cable to the earcups is a bit too long, but it’s covered with fabric. Overall, the build quality is decent, but we’ve seen it better.

How comfortable is the Zola?

  • Very comfortable
  • slightly thin cushion

Wearing a gaming headset is always very personal, but there are a few key factors here. I think Teufel Zola is very comfortable. That’s despite the fact that the headset isn’t exactly light at 330 grams.

Additionally, the relatively tight headband offers very high contact pressure, which is fortunately very well absorbed by the soft earpads and headband. will do so.

The padding is relatively thin when compared to other gaming headsets. The height of the ear pads and headband is 1.5 cm. The thickest part of each. However, this does not detract from wearing comfort even during long gaming sessions.

However, gamers with big ears only get a limited amount of value for their money. Medium or small earbuds, however, will feel comfortable under the ear pads in the long run.

Field test and handling

  • Headset must be assembled first
  • A little difficult to assemble
  • then it will be ready to use

After unpacking, first assemble the Teufel Zola. It still fits very easily into the earcup covers, though it’s a bit of a hassle when pulling on the earpads. However, with a little dexterity, this can be done relatively quickly.

demon zora

Simply plug in the 3.5mm jack cable, twist it 90 degrees to secure it to your headset, and you’re good to go. This jack connection also ensures wide compatibility with any console, tablet or smartphone.

However, for the best sound on PCs and Macs, you should use a USB sound card. USB sound cards also have a jack connector for connecting Zola.

Your headset will be recognized, set up and ready to use in no time. Nevertheless, we recommend downloading the included software as it comes with many useful extras. But more on that later.

Playback and recording quality

  • Good sound with slightly deep bass through the jack
  • Richer and better sound with your sound card

40mm drivers and a relatively wide frequency range from 10Hz to 20,000Hz give hope to the excellent sound of the Teufel Zola. With basic settings and analog operation, the first thing you’ll notice is that the foreground bass is relatively strong.

The mids fade into the background a bit, but are still clearly discernible and detailed. The treble is also well placed and doesn’t distort even at maximum volume. This clearly shows that Zola is tuned for listening enjoyment.

Basically analog sound is good. Bass is fairly punchy, but not exactly reproduced. However, connecting via a USB sound card makes a distinct difference.

The sound is much more detailed and powerful, benefiting from 7.1 surround sound, which not only enhances the depth perception, but also significantly expands the soundstage. This is noticeable even when listening to music.

However, I think adjusting the equalizer within the software is absolutely necessary. By lowering the bass frequencies and boosting the midrange, the Teufel Zola sounds really convincing, with a maximum sampling rate of 96 kHz when needed.

What is the quality of the Teufel Zola microphones?

  • Good to very good mic quality
  • Somewhat sensitive to plosives and sharp S sounds

However, there are positive reports about the quality of the Teufel Zola’s microphone. The mids and highs are slightly favored here, resulting in a voluminous and detailed sound for your own voice.

Teufel Zola Microphone
Teufel Zola’s mic quality knows how to please

However, the mic lacks a bit of low-frequency detail, so it may only be suitable for recording podcasts or dubbing videos. However, avoid bringing your arm too close to your mouth, as the mic is susceptible to plosives and sharp his S sounds. A little distance is fine.

Software connection: Teufel Audio Center

  • Software built simply
  • some configuration options
  • Useful sound enhancement

The companion software for your new Teufel headset is Teufel Audio Center. It features a simple and clearly structured design. The main page lets you configure some basic settings, while others allow you to dig deeper into issues.

Here, for example, you can use the microphone monitor to make yourself more audible, or use the 10-band equalizer to adjust the sound. You can also adjust the sampling rate within the software and turn the surround function on or off. This app isn’t comprehensive, but it’s an important tool for improving the sound of your headset.

Teufel Zola Test: Conclusion

With Teufel Zola, the traditional German manufacturer offers a solid gaming headset specifically aimed to stand out with its unique look and customization options.

I think this is a good idea and contrasts with the usual RGB lighting etc, but I find the earpad replacement to be more of a hassle than it needs to be. It’s already pretty rickety.

Thanks to the jack, the Zola is compatible with almost any platform and produces a good, albeit slightly bass-heavy, sound. However, when paired with a USB sound card that includes 7.1 surround sound, which is only available on PCs, it sounds much better. Again, some software tweaking is required, but the headset really convinces when it comes to sound.

A microphone that scores for really good quality is a positive surprise. In this way, an excellent price/performance ratio is achieved despite other manufacturers offering better sound at lower prices.

Teufel Zola Test: Silver Award



sound quality

recording quality


value for money


Versatile gaming headset with wide compatibility, high wearing comfort, and great sound when paired with a USB sound card. But the workmanship and analog sound leaves room for improvement.

Teufel Zola price comparison

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