Creta Unveils Web3 Gaming Ecosystem And Four Blockchain Games


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, December 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Creta, a Web3 entertainment company that develops and publishes a suite of solutions for video games and Web3 games, is launching its upcoming blockchain game Kingdom We’re unveiling Under Fire: The Rise gameplay and showcasing the progress achieved in building an ecosystem of Web3 products consisting of a one-stop-shop gaming platform, the Metaverse, and blockchain gaming community service Super Club.

The announcement was made at the Creta Summit 2022 in Tokyo, Japan, attended by video game and blockchain enthusiasts from home and abroad, marking an important step in bringing Web3 advances to the video game realm. .

Upcoming Kingdom Under Fire: The Rise gameplay footage will set up Summit Humming’s engine and take a sneak peek into the NFT avatar system to unlock the look and feel of the title. game. Creta chief Ray Nakazato, his creative officer, provided insight into how blockchain will be leveraged in his KUF. However, to protect the game economy from devaluation and maintain a delicate balance, regular in-game item classes are excluded from such trades. The game will be playable each season, with data resetting at the end of each season, giving the player a chance to transfer her NFT to the new season. ”

Announcements of other blockchain games actively developed by Creta will be offered as additional frosting. Not much is known about the genre or specs, except for the names of upcoming titles: Tokyo War Flowers and Cherry Blossoms, Fortress, and Warhands.

The event also unveiled progress in the development of Metaverse, a gaming platform, and Super Club, a blockchain community service. His KUF and other gaming juggernauts developed by Creta are now launched and played through his platform, Tailor Made Games, similar to how games are played on his prominent Web2 platform. increase. The Metaverse Layer provides enhanced social and economic features for users craving more fun and expanded NFT usage. The Super Club fosters community-building behavior for players familiar with the benefits of blockchain gaming and seeking a hub to relax and share gameplay experiences.

Creta further elaborated on the concept of land previously introduced as purchasable NFTs, revealing parcel applications available to owners when the metaverse switch button turns green. The private sector of the Metaverse will come with areas responsible for arranging parcels that can all be decorated, player-versus-player battles, and engaging in shared entertainment experiences such as hunting, driving, and fishing.

About Crete

With a mission to create and publish engaging content with a sustainable business model, Creta is building a Web3 Gaming Platform featuring a suite of solutions for Metaverse, Blockchain Gaming, and Web3 Gaming.

The company is run by the development team behind the acclaimed video game franchise Kingdom Under Fire and other notable games that have made particular strides in the Korean market, and includes leading blockchain and video game industry leaders such as Yield Games Guild Japan. Both are supported by veterans of Yoshiki Okamoto, a game designer who won numerous awards for Monster Strike. Since its inception, more than 200 experts in game development, publishing, marketing and blockchain technology have joined him.

With offices in South Korea, Japan, Dubai and Armenia, Creta is advised by a global network of blockchain partners and associations.

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