Createra Raises $10 Million Led by Andreessen Horowitz to Boost Gen Z-Focused Gaming Metaverse

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Cretera A user-generated content (UGC) metaverse engine that allows creators to create, distribute, and deliver MetaFi games.

Creator-oriented metaverse project Createra today announced $10 million in Series A funding led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) to continue its quest to build the largest Gen Z-focused metaverse platform.

a16z General Partner Connie Chan said:

The gaming industry is rapidly changing through the introduction and adoption of Web3 tools such as blockchain, verified ownership, and asset monetization. Through these tools, games are witnessing the birth of fully crypto-native “on-chain games,” aka “autonomous worlds,” built on top of distributed ledger technology.

Createra offers users these exclusive crypto-native autonomous worlds with features like cross-play and instant access.

These benefits ensure that both users and creators have the tools they need to embrace new industry trends for an optimal gaming experience in the Metaverse.

Metaverse for Creators

Cretera A user-generated content (UGC) metaverse engine that allows creators to create, distribute, and deliver MetaFi games. Creating with Createra is more fun and efficient with unlimited player capacity, multi-creator options, and cross-play from anywhere.

Additionally, anything built on land within the platform is tradable. This includes models, games, APIs, etc.

Having land in the creator’s metaverse means having the creator’s seal. It also means that the player will be integrated into her Createra Metaverse creation system to distribute Metaverse NFT assets to the market.

Any work can be monetized. Blurring the boundaries between creators and consumers, we create a space where anything is possible. This is his MetaFi at its best.

Gen Z at the forefront

No demographic understands the power of content creation and monetization quite like Gen Z. So far, Createra has amassed a community of about 15 million of his Gen Z users, 500,000 builders, and 1.3 million average monthly users on the Asian continent. Alone, according to the statistical tool Piwik.

You are not just a player, you are the builder of the entire Createra metaverse. The platform will allow them to team up to create new digital experiences that take advantage of the programmability of digital assets and leverage the benefits of crypto to secure asset rights and revenue sharing.

Collaborative creation found in the Createra metaverse helps lower the barrier to programming and break down barriers for new users in the space. By building as a team, the way we create digital assets and understand the complexities of programming becomes a collaborative experience.

With Generation Z as the main user target, the platform has grown from generation to generation of users over the past six years. As an active teenage user he joined Createra and is now a game designer for a large company.

active creators

An example of Createra’s impact on this demographic can be seen in a group of five Gen Z creators inspired by Createra’s multiplayer collaboration features.

Rion, a 15-year-old team leader from Japan, said:

“Critera’s map editor is like a game version of Google Docs! Everyone can create at the same time, making it more fun and efficient!”

Rion explained that his remote team consists of both elementary and high school students, all of whom are responsible for specific parts of the creation.

“It’s an exciting collaborative experience. Creation is no longer lonely, it’s much more efficient!”

Another Generation Z creator from the US highlighted the ease of use built into the team working on Createra.

“You can quickly post your work and share it with your friends in one click, and they can open it in one click on their mobile phones or other electronic devices.”

Metaverse is the future

In the last year alone, billions of dollars have been poured into the metaverse space, and some of Big Tech’s most iconic names have emerged.

Createra not only wants to be one of the most active players in the metaverse development scene, but it also wants to stay ahead in terms of the innovations available to builders.

The platform therefore consists of multiple sub-universe spaces and experiences, each mapping a different human society for the user to explore.

In these scenarios, players decide whether they will soon prosper or collapse by defining social rules and economic systems.

I’m looking forward to

With the funding round closed and Createra continuing to attract the best builders to its world, the platform wants to be the first place to create and build a Metaverse that everyone can collaborate and play on. It then becomes the first place where you can publish your digital assets and make money online, and eventually the place where many of those creations are located will become an amusement park for the world’s gamers and creators.

This is a pivotal moment as the gaming industry embraces blockchain-based development methods and utilities. GameFi and MetaFi projects have amassed billions of dollars in investment over the last year as they promise the future of online interaction.

Createra is ready to push these innovations even further. The ecosystem is determined to be the bridge between Web2 and Web3, while also accepting young builders with a passion for the metaverse and redistributing the benefits of Web3.

This is just the beginning!

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Cretera A user-generated content (UGC) metaverse engine that allows creators to create, distribute, and distribute MetaFi games.

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