Controversial Retail Gaming Store DKOldies Explained

DKOldies, an online retro game retailer, has become the subject of controversy because gamers find the store’s prices ridiculously high compared to other stores.

It’s no secret that the retro gaming market has exploded in the last two years.From a brand new copy of the original Super mario bros About the NES, which sells for $2 million, an eye-opener for previously unknown titles like FromSoftware look With PS2s currently trending at $400 for discs alone, it’s clear that these older games are becoming a luxury item rather than a yard sale scrap.recent controversy over DK Oldies shows that online retailers are starting to take advantage of the price hikes on retro games, and gamers seem pretty upset.

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DKOldies is an online-only retro game store with one of the largest collections of games on the market. The retailer has seen impressive social media growth lately, especially on his TikTok and YouTube. This is due to frequent uploads of packaging and shipping videos and regular live streams showcasing a huge collection of fan-loved games. However, as the company has grown, we’ve become more aware of the prices that DKOldies decided to put on retro games and consoles. Across TikTok, YouTube, and Reddit, DKOldies are coming under scrutiny. Gamers have seen retailers mark their products to ridiculously high prices well above the already inflated prices of retro games, sometimes more than double his market price. is. .

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DKOldies price controversy

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At the time of this writing, a complete Wii console and Wii Sports The price on the retailer’s website is $349.99. The same console bundle launched on his 2006 retail price of $250, and a similar bundle is currently on eBay where he sells for under $100. However, even newer consoles like the PS4 are well above the price even GameStop charges. As of this writing, DKOldies is selling his 500 GB PlayStation 4 with one controller for his $359.99. That’s $40 less than the price of his new digital-only PS5. GameStop, on the other hand, charges him only $249.99 for the same PS4 package, and GameStop also ensures that the console is working and cleaned. It’s a bit of a headache as to why DKOldies charges their products so high, but the company is trying to explain.

DKOldies says its prices are made according to the services it provides, how many it has in stock, and how difficult it is to obtain another similar item. While taking into account the current market value of the products in the store when doing so, DKOldies still charges much higher than websites such as the prices in the PriceCharting report. For example, DKOldies charges him $72.99. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, PriceCharting, on the other hand, reports that loose copies of the game cost around $35. Regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes, fans are likely paying at his DKOldies more than double what they would pay at a physical retro game store or his eBay.

Also, it doesn’t look like DKOldies are losing too much when buying and reselling old games and hardware. The retailer’s current trade-in price list shows gamers will pay around $75 for a complete SNES console with a controller, and if the customer wants to include his second his OEM , resell the same console for around $200 or closer to $300. controller. The company’s profit margins are very high, and its trade-in to resale price ratio seems to be very similar to that of GameStop and other big game retailers notorious for getting a lot of flak for this sort of thing. I’m starting to see

This is not to say that DKOldies are worthless in the retro gaming market. The company offers services that many other online game retailers don’t offer, such as a 120-day warranty, authenticity verification of all games and hardware, and a thorough refurbishment of used hardware, ensuring total It gives you peace of mind when purchasing hardware that is close to the standard. 40 years old. In addition, the online catalog of games seems to be quite extensive, which is worth it in and of itself. , and spend a lot of effort on the purchase. However, gamers should ask themselves if any of these pros are above the prices that retro gaming retailers such as DKOldies are starting to charge.

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