Consumer PCIe Gen 5 Gaming SSDs Arrive For Sale In Japan At A Smoking 10GB/s

Have you heard of CFD gaming? Neither do we, but the company appears to be the first to bring a Phison-based PCIe 5.0 SSD to market. M.2 NVMe drives have popped up in shops in Japan’s famous Akihabara tech district, with capacities of 2TB and maximum sequential read speeds of 10 GB/s.
hero cfd gaming pcie50 ssd

This information came to us through the Akiba PC Hotline blog on Impress PC Watch, and these drives were actually announced in October 2022 and were supposed to be released in November, but the release has been postponed. The drive appears to come in 1TB and 4TB capacities, not just 2TB.

Akiba PC Hotline quotes maximum performance numbers for the 2TB model as 10GB/s and 9.5GB/s for sequential reads and writes respectively, while random performance is 1.5 million IOPS for reads and 1.25 million IOPS for writes. These values ​​are indeed unrealistically high queue depths, but they are still impressive.
phison e26 ssd reference

In the pictures, the drive itself looks very similar to the Phison E26 reference platform we tried a few weeks ago. Even the included cooler, reported by Akiba PC Hotline, is permanently attached and cannot be removed from the SSD. The vendor itself does not recommend installing his SSD in a system with poor airflow as it will obviously get quite hot.
Akiba price list

The blog has a photo of the physical price list at the shop in Akiba, which sells the drive for 49,980 yen, or about US$385. That’s pretty steep for his 2TB SSD price, but I think it’s the first of its kind in the consumer market. Hopefully these drives will become more affordable when they hit the wider market.

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