Concordium announces partnership with web3 gaming portal Mana Games

Zug, Switzerland, January 26, 2023 /PR Newswire/ — mana gameA multi-chain Web3 game launcher and social eSports application, uses identity built on the Concordium blockchain to introduce a unique P2P competition model of earning to win.

mana game enables players to create, compete, and earn tokens and NFTs through next-generation peer-to-peer eSports challenges and tournaments. One of its goals is to bring the benefits of Web3 to his Web2 games. Scheduled to launch by the end of January, this new feature will allow players to join his Web2 AAA games and earn Web3 rewards.

Concordium is the only Layer 1 blockchain with a built-in self-sovereign identity framework, designed to balance privacy and accountability, ushering in a new era of trust creation. By implementing Concordium’s Web3 identity in the Win-to-Earn model, mana game Strengthen user security verification and streamline the payment process for tournament winners. mana game for future regulation.

mana game envisions Web3 guilds competing against each other in large competitions. Matches are tracked in real-time, and a correlated reward system changes the way players engage in their favorite games and interact with each other. In addition, gamers will have the opportunity to compete in his Web2 games to earn cryptocurrency or his NFTs, use their skills to participate in existing challenges, or create their own challenges to compete with friends. You can maximize your income by

Joseph Tran from mana game To tell: “We are excited to leverage Concordium’s blockchain capabilities and work with the amazing games built within this ecosystem. 2023 will be a pivotal year for Web3 games and eSports!


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