Conan Exiles Map Iron Ore Locations (Complete)

Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game set in the brutal world of Conan the Barbarian. The game is set in the Hyborian era and offers the player a chance to explore a vast and dangerous world filled with mythical creatures and dangerous enemies. Players must gather resources, build bases, and defend themselves against other players and creatures. One of Conan Exiles’ key resources is iron, which is used to craft advanced weapons and armor. This article explains where to find iron in Conan Exiles, including the best locations and strategies for getting as much iron as possible.

Iron ore location in Conan Exiles map

Iron is a key resource in Conan Exiles and players must collect as much iron as possible to survive and thrive in the game. The best way to find iron in Conan Exiles is to explore the game’s vast world and find iron ore deposits. The easiest way to do this is through the iron ore location on the Conan Exiles map. This will show you the best and best known places for iron ore. This map can be found online and shows the location of all iron ore deposits in the game. But keep in mind that not all places are the same, and some places give you more iron than others. To get the most out of your iron mining efforts, you need to know where the best locations are and how to mine iron ore efficiently.

Best places to mine iron in Conan Exiles

The most important concentration of iron ore in Conan Exiles is in the southern part of the game’s map. This area is known as the Desert and is located south of the river that runs through the central area of ​​the game. There are several iron ore deposits in the desert, so it’s a great place to start collecting iron. One of his most famous locations for iron ore in the desert is the ‘Scavenger’s Bath’ area. This place is a small camp just south of the river and east of Set City. There are several iron ore deposits near this camp, so it’s a great place to gather iron quickly.

Another great place for desert iron ore is the “Hills of the Dead” area. This place is located in the northwest corner of the desert and has several iron ore deposits. However, this area is inhabited by spiders and other dangerous creatures, so be careful when collecting iron.

Strategies for efficiently mining iron in Conan Exiles

Now that you know where to find iron ore in Conan Exiles, it’s time to discuss strategies for mining it efficiently. The first step is to have the right tools. Players need a pickaxe to mine iron ore, and an appropriate level of strength to bring the ore to their base. Once you have the tools you need, you can focus on the best locations for your iron ore as explained earlier. However, it’s important to keep in mind that other players may also be collecting iron at these locations. So be prepared to protect yourself if necessary.

To mine iron efficiently, you need to use a pickaxe to strike iron ore deposits. Each hit yields a small amount of iron, so it’s important to hit the pile several times to get as much iron as possible. Once you’ve mined all the iron in a deposit, move on to the next deposit.

Iron is a vital resource in Conan Exiles and players must collect as much iron as possible to survive and thrive in the game. The best way to find iron ore deposits is to use the iron ore locations on the Conan Exiles map, which shows the most famous and well-known iron locations in the game. The southern part of the map, known as the Desert, is a prime location for iron ore mining, with the Scavenger’s Bath and Hill of the Dead areas being the most notable.

Iron is a valuable resource in Conan Exiles, players can find it in the desert areas of the game’s map. By using the iron ore locations of the “Conan Exiles” map and following the strategies described in this article, players can efficiently mine iron and gain important advantages in the game. So get ready and start your iron collecting journey today.

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