Complexity Gaming, a GameSquare Esports Company, Launches New Campaign to Promote Buddybet, an Innovative Social Entertainment Platform

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / December 15, 2022 / GameSquare Esports Inc. (CSE: GSQ) (OTCQB: GMSQF) (FRA: 29Q1) (“game square“, or “Company“) is pleased to announce that Complexity Gaming has entered into an agreement to run an advertising campaign for innovative social entertainment platform Buddybet Group Pty Ltd. Head-to-head in a series of fun social challenges. , will also consist of social media coverage, including targeted media outreach, and will be promoted on Complexity’s Twitch channel. Buddybet Gaming Challenge, Held in the first quarter, it showcases Buddybet’s social entertainment platform and innovative gaming products that are ‘world firsts’. Buddybet customers can make social challenges to their friends and can comment, chat, like, share, duplicate and see the results.

GameSquare CEO Justin Kenna said: “Our partnership with Complexity demonstrates the depth of our product offering and creative approach that GameSquare’s vertically integrated platform can offer to brands looking to connect with fans of gaming and esports. has reached over 105 million people and a total social following.With $220 million across GameSquare, we are well-positioned to meet the needs of innovative and major emerging brands. I have.”

Buddybet CEO Manal Iqbal said: “Buddybet has created a unique digital version of the old-fashioned handshake challenge with a friend. think.”

Complexity Gaming was acquired by GameSquare Esports in June 2021. Since then, GameSquare has invested in Complexity’s platform by signing major streamers and content creators such as TimTheTatman, Cloakzy, and Baka Bros. Now it’s on par with male creators. The organization launched Complexity Stars, the world’s first gaming division for celebrities and professional athletes, and GX3, a women’s and non-binary Valorant team competing in the VCT Game Changers program. As a result of these investments in Complexity Gaming, Complexity’s total follower count has increased from around 10 million to his over 105 million and continues to grow with the addition of new talent, teams and Complexity Stars members. Rapid audience growth has resulted in increased scale and brand awareness, including a multi-year sponsorship between Complexity Gaming and Lenovo. The sponsorship with Lenovo makes Lenovo the exclusive provider of desktop and laptop PCs, and Complexity’s Frisco-based headquarters is named his Lenovo Legion Esports Center.

About Game Square Esports Co., Ltd.

GameSquare Esports Inc. is a vertically integrated, international digital media and entertainment company that enables global brands to connect and interact with gaming and esports fans. GameSquare is part of Code Red Esports Ltd., an esports talent agency serving the United Kingdom; GCN, a digital media company focused on gaming and esports audiences based in Los Angeles, USA; Cut+Sew ( Zoned) and other companies. Complexity Gaming, a Los Angeles-based gaming and lifestyle marketing agency, is the leading esports organization operating in the United States, Fourth Frame Studios is a multidisciplinary creative production studio, and Mission Supply is a merchandise and consumer goods company. Business. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

About Buddybet

Australian owned and operated Buddybet Group Pty Ltd is a global social media and gambling company with betting licenses and endorsements in Australia, Ontario, UK, Ireland and New Zealand, using non-gambling handshake products and exists on the market in the United States. Technology development business based in India. Buddybet is a new social media platform that digitizes the old handshake bet. Buddybet allows users over the age of 18 to place social, non-monetary handshake bets on friends and family, and other users to place those bets by commenting, liking and sharing. can participate in

Buddybet is a socially responsible product that facilitates non-monetary handshake bets that you make yourself, primarily for fun, validation or socializing.

Buddybet is not a traditional gaming product. Their app is built around responsible gambling for fans 18+ and a fun way to interact with friends and family.

Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the Buddybet app and create a free profile.

Media and Investor Information – GameSquare

Paolo DiPasquale, Chief Strategy Officer
Phone: (216) 464-6400

Andrew Berger
Phone: (216) 464-6400

Media Contacts – Buddybet
Sam Chadwick, Chief Legal and Commercial Officer

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