“Brazil’s gaming and betting market shows significant progress, but it could be better”

In an exclusive analysis of yogo net, Magno Josejournalist specializing in lotteries, games and betting, portal editor BNL dataand the president Brazilian Legal Gaming Institute (IJL)shared his vision of the legal situation for gaming in Brazil and the market’s expectations for the near future.

I share his analysis here.

Due to the urgency of collecting and the existence of a “social fact” due to the massive supply of unregulated gambling in the country, we believe that: 2023 will see great progress.

Brazil’s Gaming and Betting Market and Lotteries Record Major Progress in 2022 with the approval of PL 442/91 by House of CommonsThe lottery market also saw important news for both players and operators.

Pursuant to the Supreme Court’s decision, federal entities (states and local governments) may also apply to the same modalities defined by federal law (numbered lotteries, predictive lotteries, sports betting lotteries, instant lotteries, and fixed-odds lotteries or sports betting). modality), Several state and local lotteries have been created.

At the federal level, This year, a health and tourism lottery was created by law. This will Federal Savings Bank It operates numerical predictions, sports and fixed-odds lotteries with margins far higher than the current offerings managed by the entity.

Almost three years after the COVID pandemic, 2022 will begin with the resumption of face-to-face proceedings in legislatures, even before Carnival, on February 24, to be precise. PL 442/91 was approved by the House of Representatives by a vote of 246 to 202.

if i have to point out The most significant achievement of 2022 is undoubtedly the House approval of a proposal to legalize casinos, bingo, wagering and online gambling at resorts. This is a big progress this year for this area.

Several reasons can be given to emphasize its importance, but the main ones are: Passing bills in the House is much more difficult than in the Senate.

Starting with the number of membersbecause the House of Representatives has 513 members, compared to the Senate’s 81, and because the House is more diverse, with more conservative and religious members.

From a political point of view, it should be noted that: Approval of PL 442/91 must be attributed to the Speaker of the House, Deputy Speaker Arthur Lira.

President Jair Bolsonaroalways opposed the legalization of gambling and threatened to veto the proposal if Congress approved it, Did not help or hinder votingbecause the agenda was defended by the Speaker of the House.

PL 442/91 was submitted to the Senate on March 4th, just after Carnival. The proposal stood by Senator Rodrigo Pacheco’s desk, President of the Senate, was published in the Senate Gazette on August 10, and was assigned to the plenary session.

Brazil’s presidential and parliamentary elections have halted processing of the proposal in the Senate. However, there are some promises that the bill will be analyzed after the October election. When President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was elected to his third term at the end of November, other priorities dominated the political environment and Congress, leaving PL 442/91 shelved. .

In addition, Various interest groups worked to ensure the bill moved forward in the Senate without changing the text approved by the House. in the meantime Other political insiders argued the proposal needed to be adjusted and improved To meet the needs of countries and markets. Another factor of concern was the lack of certainty in the approval of PL 442/91 as the current composition of the Senate is so conservative and religious.

At least two senators elected in the last election are strongly opposed to legalized gambling. However, those who opposed it were not re-elected, and the winner endorsed legal gambling. there is.

Before the first election, we commented: There was no guarantee that former President Lula was the best choice. All we had was that certainty. Jair Bolsonaro’s option will make it harder to legalize and regulate the sector Over the next few years, his commitment to the evangelical and conservative bench will refrain from “God, country and family,” especially since the president has a pastor as an adviser.

President Lula has spoken out several times in favor of legalizing gambling. But after a scandal involving government representatives and businessmen in the field early in their first term in 2005, Lula and the Workers’ Party (PT) have avoided addressing the issue publicly.

Legalization has been a cursed agenda for the party during 13 years of Labor government. The sector suffered a period of promise and disbelief, resulting in a major setback for the gaming industry.

After PL 442/91 was approved by the plenary session of the House of Commons, a senior Labor Party member of parliament who was in direct contact with Lula sought his opinion on the legalization of gambling. The former president has pledged to respect the decisions of the National Assembly and approve the proposals approved by the members of parliament.

therefore, The defeat of President Jair Bolsonaro could also be a positive factor for the gambling legalization process. The current president has always served on the evangelical bench to block progress on proposals to legalize gambling in Brazil.

sports betting

President Bolsonaro’s ties to conservatives/evangelicals prevented the president from regulating Law 13,756/18. Legalized fixed odds or sports betting.

Deadlines set by regulatory law Expires December 12th And despite requests from the House of Peoples and the Ministry of Economy to issue the necessary regulations for the government to regulate such modalities, Bolsonaro did not regulate the law, preferring abbreviations to follow his rationale.

In a post-election television interview, the communications coordinator for President-elect Lula’s campaign said: Edinho Silva defends gambling and betting regulation, Make resources applicable to education and educational infrastructure.

In addition, The need to regulate gambling and the legalization of gambling were discussed in the Lula government’s transitional cabinet.reportedly received information about the current government’s failure to issue the necessary regulations to regulate the modality.

Chairman of the House of Commons PL 442/91 and Member of the Transitional Cabinet in the Tourism Sector, Deputy Felipe Carrerasdiscussed the legalization of gambling in a conversation with the Vice President-elect, Gerald Alcuminmigration coordinator.

Carreras pointed out the importance of domestic approval of games, Among other things, he reiterated data on the jobs that can be collected, invested, and generated, and spoke of evangelical resistance in Congress.

We, The gaming and betting market in 2022 has had some big losers and some winners.The winner was an unregulated operator Offshore sports betting that was not obliged to pay taxes in the country. The big loser was the countrynegligent and incompetent in legalization, regulation and collection from this sector.

The real challenge of executive and legislative power is the creation and establishment of laws and regulations. Allow citizens to pursue their gambling cravings while closely monitoring the state’s well-defined rules and their effective enforcement.

When talking about the legalization and regulation of gambling and gambling in Brazil, we often hear the famous expression: “Now it’s happening!” And because of the urgency of tax collection and the existence of “social facts”, unregulated gambling flourishes in this country. I believe there will be great progress in 2023.

Unfortunately, There are no factors defining the exact date when gaming in Brazil will be fully legalized and regulated Due to uncontrollable political factors, The only certainty we have is that the advanced stages of processing a proposal that could legalize gambling in the country cannot reverse or postpone the process.

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