“Body Crafted by Video Games”: Uncovering the Story of a Gamer Who Lost 8.6 Pounds in 30 Days Just From Gaming in 2022

Over the years, fitness has become an integral part of people’s lives and has spawned a variety of exercise techniques. While technology has become part of our daily lives, the famous YouTuber has taken bodybuilding to another level.

In one of his videos, famous streamer Skooch decided to enter a 30-day fitness diet challenge, but only via VR. [Virtual Reality] game. It seemed like a fun and easy challenge, but it wasn’t all fun.

Virtual games help real fitness


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Skooch is a well-known gamer and YouTuber known for his experimental and unique videos about VR. The streamer decided to integrate his virtual reality and fitness to test the effectiveness of the futuristic device. In his video, Scooch said:The truth is simpler. Because he wanted to develop the world’s first gamer body. A body made entirely of video games and video games.

Gamers started their first day of challenges with the famous Beat Saber game. In this game, the player uses a controller to smash boxes that fly towards people based on the beat of the music. Playing your favorite music might feel like an easy way to exercise, but this game proved otherwise.

Beat Saber requires continuous hand movement and it’s a task. “Having to stand and swing your arms for hours every day is exhausting and time-consuming work.” Scooch confessed.

But did the game prove to be effective? Skooch lost about three pounds in the first part of the challenge, and soon began to feel the results of her workout, bit by bit. However, the gamer soon got bored of playing the same game every day and decided to explore other fitness his games.

Skooch’s VR Fitness Journey Continues

Skooch then decided to play Bullet Hells and Ring Fit Adventure games, which involve more body movement than Beat Saber. “I could feel a fitness game routine starting to form in my brain, but I needed to keep it interesting, so I kept jumping around random games…like so many other exercises. , was nothing to be afraid of throughout the day. I did it, it has become a part of my life.” said the streamer.


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For 30 days, the YouTuber switched games and kept his fans updated on all the ups and downs he went through during this challenge. By the end of the 30th day, Skooch revealed the final results. “I started my journey at 186.2 pounds, and after 30 days of VR and Ring Fit almost every day without making many changes to my diet, I dropped down to 177.6 pounds. It means that Revealed Gamer.


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It wasn’t a drastic change, but it could help gamers stay fit.Since many online games involve sitting in one place and not moving much, these VR fitness games It could be a game changer for many. Skooch’s fitness game experiment proves that a workout can be fun and a game.

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