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Bluzelle has announced the launch of its revolutionary Layer 1 Chain, a significant move aimed at addressing the slow speeds and high transaction costs in the web3 gaming world. This new service promises to revolutionize the gaming industry by providing players around the world with a faster, cheaper and safer gaming experience.

Overcoming Web3 Gaming Challenges

Bluzelle’s new layer 1 chain is an important step towards addressing the challenges facing web3 games. The chain has been upgraded to Stargate, the latest version of the Cosmos network that provides the foundation for Bluzelle’s cutting-edge gaming solutions.

Bluzelle founders Pavel Bains and Neeraj Murarka have a long and rich history in the gaming industry. Having worked for big names in the gaming industry, including Disney, EA, Microsoft, and Zynga, they have a deep understanding of industry challenges. With the formation of the Web3 games industry, Bluzelle saw a unique opportunity to leverage his expertise to push his Web3 games into the mainstream.

A Layer 1 chain increases the reliability and redundancy of IPFS, allowing players to lend and wager NFTs and gaming assets via the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC). This connection to his DeFi chains such as Osmosis allows Web3 gamers to enjoy seamless and consistent standards across the Cosmos chain and various games. By integrating the Keplr wallet, the marketplace will allow him to create and trade NFTs and game assets, as well as launch game-specific tokens that use $BLZ as the gas for trading.


Bluzelle is also working on revealing its first game, GAMMA 4, to unlock the full potential of the GameFi chain. This card-based battle game takes place in a sci-fi universe where five different races vie for control of the Elementis. Fast, cheap, and secure transactions make web3 games more accessible and fun.

Bluzelle CEO Pavel Bains said: “By combining our gaming experience with the power of the Cosmos network, he believes the next billion users can join cryptocurrency and create a better future for web3 gaming.”

Bluzelle is committed to creating a better future for gamers and unlocking new levels of gaming for web3 gamers.

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