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Bethany — Underage Esports Game Management is Bethany College’s newest offering.

Minors educate students on the basics of esports event development and management. Once implemented in the Fall 2023 semester, students will have the opportunity to combine an academic component with extra-curricular activities.

The esports sector generated nearly 450 million viewers and generated $1 billion in revenue in 2020. The video game industry generates approximately $184.4 billion in revenue each year. Technological areas like these are changing to suit the interests of developing generations, creating substantial and profitable sectors within the business environment.

“The minor addition of esports management marks the continued improvement of our academic landscape.” Bethany President Dr. Jamie Caridi said: “We want to give our students the opportunity to participate in a modern educational journey focused on the technological changes we have observed over the last 20 years. , I hope it helps us continue building for the rest of our lives.”

Combining majors such as Business, Computer Science, Marketing and Management with an eSports Management minor offers new avenues for current and future students to pursue careers in content creation, product and project management, design and production management. is opened. entrepreneur project.

Minors need 18 hours or 6 courses to complete. The framework of course requirements is based on students acquiring basic knowledge of computer programming, communications, and business courses. Required classes also include sales marketing and promotion courses to assist you in your future business pursuits.

“Our esports management minor continues to build from our current business and management curriculum, creating a versatile and unique career path for current and future students.” Chancellor and Dean Dr. Anju Ramsey said:

As the first step in esports management education, students complete a course developed in partnership with Unity and the International Game Developers Association, a real-time, cross-platform development program.

With the guidance of experienced professionals, esports students build relationships that advance their future careers. Students pursuing esports management minors are given the opportunity to review and revise the design of a convention, trade show, or esports event, building relationships with stakeholders within the esports community, and developing team and league leadership. You are given the opportunity to manage operations.

To complete the Minor, students will do ESPT 400, Game Distribution. This course will enable students to create a plan to launch a new game through distribution using agile planning methods and create a project fair to end the course.

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