Best DA Hood Silent Aim Script 2023 Pastebin

da hood [Anto Lock, Silent-Aim, Esp] is a role-playing sandbox game from Roblox Studios. This game was created by Da Hood Entertainment. The game is based on a gangster subculture environment where the player can take on the role of a cop or a criminal. Both parties have different gang-based cultures. It’s a showdown between cops and criminals.

Da hood allows players to earn cash, collect weapons, and perform activities such as gymnastics. They can choose their own roles and determine their activities. So this game has a lot of features and is developed with its own type of scripting language which is Best Da hood Silent Aim script. Let’s take a closer look at this script.

What is Best Dahood Silent Aim?

Da hood Silent Aim is a scripting and programming language for the Da Hood game that simplifies gameplay. This language will help you get bonuses and progress like money, shazam and god mode. The game is fun and smooth to play. Da Hood Silent Aim has many features such as:

  • aim lock
  • ESP hack
  • auto drop
  • Target audience
  • collect items
  • easy to execute

The Da Hood game has many scripting languages ​​shared on the internet. However, here are the best Da Hood Silent Aim scripts that currently work.

Script 1:

Script 2:

Script 3:


Da Hood is currently the most popular roleplay. Most people play this game. So you have to choose the right script. Of all the scripts shared in the Da Hood game, Silent Aim is the best one. It’s easy to do. Try this script today and have a great experience!!

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